Often stomach bilges gas, how to do repeatedly?5 Ways to Relax

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Both men and women, young and old, are likely to be troubled by gastric distention in daily life. The occurrence of gastric distention will lead to intermittent or persistent abdominal distention symptoms, and some patients will also have obvious exhaust increase.In general, flatulence occurs after a meal or at night, and in most cases there is no organic change in the gastrointestinal tract.However, the recurrent occurrence of gastric distension can not be ignored. Therefore, some effective measures should be taken to alleviate or eliminate gastric distension in time for people with gastric distension.People with recurrent stomach distension can adopt the following ways to achieve the effect of relieving stomach distension: 1. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. When eating, gobble up food, overeat, eat too much gas producing food, etc., are the common causes of stomach distension.Therefore, if people want to effectively relieve gastric distension and do not want to suffer from various troubles caused by gastric distension repeatedly, they must cultivate a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.In daily life, we should pay attention to develop good eating habits of eating slowly to avoid the occurrence of overeating. In addition, we should pay attention to drinking less carbonated drinks and eating less food with gas production, etc.2, take a walk after dinner in order to achieve the purpose of relieving bloating, people should take a walk after dinner to promote peristalsis of the intestine, which can also alleviate or prevent bloating.But when taking a walk after dinner, pay attention to the pace can not be too fast, and the best time for walking is about 30 minutes.3. Oral drugs The reason why some people repeatedly suffer from bloating gas is actually caused by functional dyspepsia. At this time, patients can take oral motility drugs or antacid drugs to achieve the effect of alleviating the related gastrointestinal symptoms.Before taking any medication to relieve bloating, it is important to read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions to use the appropriate dosage and the correct way to take the medication.4, abdominal massage when people are troubled by bloating, but also by rubbing the abdomen, to effectively relieve bloating.Abdominal massage to a certain extent can promote peristalsis of the intestinal tract, promote exhaust, naturally can alleviate stomach flatulence.5. The factors caused by the treatment of flatulence are very diverse. If individuals are repeatedly troubled by flatulence because of some diseases, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible to do a comprehensive examination and diagnosis, find the primary disease causing flatulence, and then carry out targeted treatment.