The capital of China wishes people all over the country a happy New Year

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Blink of an eye has been the beginning of the fourth year, we must have been going to visit friends and relatives on the road to each other busy!Do you know another name for the Spring Festival in Pingtan?Do you know what a special experience it is to spend the New Year in Pingtan?Today, please follow xiaobian to feel in Pingtan, in the mood of the New Year’s different feelings!Pingtan people call the New Year “making year”, which is similar to the legend of other places. According to legend, in ancient times, there was a monster called Nian, which often came out at the end of the year to devour people and animals. People regarded the end of the year as a difficult time, so there is “Nian Guan”.Pingtan’s “making New Year” combines traditional cultural customs and rich island characteristics, forming a unique island culture.The New Year in Pingtan, commonly known as “thirty blind”, “do year.”A pingtan folk saying goes, “If it gets dark one year, I only want to sleep at thirty.”On New Year’s Eve, pingtan people must cook some rice.But these rice can not eat, wait until the fourth day, that is, today after the “holiday” to eat.Old rice New Year eat, a night spent a year.The rice is called “year rice” and is steamed in a special wooden bucket.The rice sheng in the barrel, with ten pairs of red chopsticks around the barrel inserted into a circle, meaning round and round.Then began to steam rice, steamed rice cooked, some people will put flowers and red candles on the side of the barrel, two oranges.All good things come together in pairs.A family eating “year old rice”, indicating that the next year more surplus grain, is a good harvest year.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the married daughter should send New Year’s goods to her parents. Pingtan people call it “fen Nian”. When the married daughter returns home for the first year, the first year “fen Nian” presents are more strict, generally sending a pair of pigs’ feet, five catties of noodles and five vegetables and five meat dishes.In the early years, large families in Pingtan paid particular attention to “dividing years”, because it reflected the status and status of the daughter to marry into the man’s family.Therefore, the amount and content of gifts are exquisite.Pingtan dialect is called to have “ten colors”, that is, ten colors of the gift.There are fish, chicken, duck, red eggs, noodles, pig’s feet and so on.To pay attention to some of the porters with ten wooden dowry, tied with red silk cloth, the packed gift to his daughter’s family to carry, commonly known as “carrying box”.If the daughter of any family had such an attitude, it would be very beautiful to return home, blowing and beating along the way, as lively as a wedding.Come to China, a special New Year.Make your Spring Festival holiday more meaningful and the year of the Tiger more vibrant!If you want to experience authentic Pingtan island culture and feel the local customs of Pingtan During the Spring Festival, you may wish to come to China Love Capital.Experience pingtan’s traditional culture and customs in an immersive way while experiencing the different scenery of winter, making your Spring Festival even more unique.Picture source network, if there is infringement please contact delete.