The price of oil may increase by 32 yuan for a tank of gas

2022-07-08 0 By

At 24:00 on March 17, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open again.The recent sharp rise in international oil prices is expected to lead to the fifth increase in domestic oil prices this year.According to Jin Lianguang’s calculation, as of March 16, the average price of reference crude oil in this price adjustment cycle was 113.17 USD/barrel, with a change rate of 14.88%. The corresponding domestic gasoline and diesel retail price should be increased by 820 YUAN/ton.The increase is expected to be around 800 yuan per ton, the largest increase since the new pricing mechanism was introduced in 2013.A gas station in Beijing’s Haidian district.According to the price increase, 92 gasoline and 0 diesel will increase by 0.64 yuan and 0.70 yuan per liter respectively.For an average private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres, a full tank will cost about $32 more than before.Recently, Europe and the United States decided to take further sanctions against Russia, tensions between Russia and Ukraine, market supply continues to be blocked, crude oil prices have soared, hitting a new high since 2008.Since then, crude oil supply concerns have eased, and the resurgence of COVID-19 in some countries and regions has dampened demand. International crude oil prices have fallen from high levels.Looking ahead, Zhong Jian of Zhuochuang Information Research Institute believes that although the current oil price is still high, the forward transaction settlement price is falling all the way, from $92 in September to $87 in December.This means that both sides of the deal do not agree with the prospect of high oil prices.Jinlianchuang analyst Xi Jiarui said crude oil prices in recent days continued to fall, belongs to the rational return of oil prices.If geopolitical sentiment does not continue to deteriorate, then the more reasonable range of international oil prices is $90-100 / BBL;If the geopolitical situation is deeply eased, then international oil prices should fall below $90 / BBL. Considering the fundamental environment of the current crude oil market, the relatively reasonable operating range is $80-90 / BBL.Source: Editor: Su Yaodan Duty director: Pan Li