Want to rule?Rockets don’t give team 8 scouts a chance!4 chips only Gordon appearance, snow hide 3 people too smart

2022-07-08 0 By

Beijing time on January 28, the Rockets’ next two opponents are playoff teams.First up tomorrow morning, the Rockets will play the Portland Trail Blazers at home. Lillard has missed several games because of injury, but the Trail Blazers are still strong, the return of CJ McCollum has kept the team competitive, and the team is desperate for a playoff ticket.The Warriors are naturally the “Nemesis” of the Rockets, no matter in harden’s era or the current rebuilding period of the Rockets, the Warriors are an impassable gap for the Rockets.That means the rockets are essentially out of the playoffs, and while it’s theoretically possible, the rockets aren’t even going to compete for playoff tickets.Developing young players and trading some of the team’s veterans is the rockets’ main plan for the rest of the season.Gordon, of course, is one of the rockets’ most sought-after assets, but the three “veterans”, center Theis, small forward Nuwaba and point guard DJ- Augustine, are also the Rockets’ trade targets.Nuwaba, who can penetrate and defend, has a low contract but is good enough. Theis is wanted by the Eastern Green to bring the German tower back to Boston, and Agustin has received some attention on the market.In the Rockets and Spurs game, according to the news, including the Heat, the Cavaliers, SUNS and other teams, eight teams of scouts, came to the Rockets home, is to investigate the Rockets can be traded players.Unfortunately, the Rockets did not satisfy the wishes of these scouts.In addition to the 25 minutes allotted to Gordon, The Rockets’ other three potential trade chips, Theis, Agustin and Nuwaba, did not get a second of playing time!It can be seen that although the eight team scouts have come to the Rockets home game, but the Rockets do not give these scouts face.Except for Gordon, the other three did not appear.Do not let these teams “wish”, is probably this lost nothing left the rockets last stubborn bar!From another point of view, the Rockets snow 3 big chip operation, also have its worthy of affirmation.After all, it’s best to keep a certain amount of “mystery” around tradable players.If those scouts were to see theis, Agustin and Nuwaba in action and question the trade, it would be the Rockets who would suffer.These three players have fallen out of the Rockets rotation, according to their performance this season, or there is a certain trade value.But the trio hasn’t played in more than a few games, and it wouldn’t be good news if they were showing their current form to scouts of potential trade targets.These want to space city “pick up the leak” scouts, naturally is very disappointed.But for the Rockets, the only four major trade chips Gordon appeared in the game, leaving out the other three, is actually a very smart move by the Rockets.The next only two weeks of trade time, the Rockets will be able to hand out all the chips?We also need to be patient.