Chinese New Year in a museum

2022-07-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the city museum with the theme of “Tiger, Tiger and Happiness — museum New Year series of activities”, launched six boutique exhibitions and five series of activities, rich in variety and diverse forms, to meet the needs of different visitors to visit.During the Spring Festival, the city museum received more than 20,000 visitors.In the comprehensive exhibition hall, the city museum launched the original Exhibition of the Spring Festival, so that visitors feast their eyes.78 pieces of stone like food, kitchenware, food materials exquisite plate of the United States “stone” delicacies jinchang Stone banquet exhibition, let us appreciate the extraordinary workmanship of nature, appreciate the broad and profound Chinese food culture;Online activities to help the Winter Olympics · culture first – “Tiger Year, Tiger”, through the interpretation of the zodiac cultural relics behind the story, let the audience appreciate the art works, but also understand the history of the tiger;Power f – nonyl Yin (tiger) the New Year, Chinese zodiac artefacts exhibition is nearly 50 wenbo agencies throughout the Chinese cultural relic newspaper joint, the raise hundreds of cultural relics, specimens, art images associated with tiger, assembled into a zodiac cultural relics exhibition images, foil the full-bodied Spring Festival atmosphere, become the most popular clock “web celebrity”…Since the second day of the first lunar month, the city museum has gathered high-quality resources to offer wonderful cultural activities to the audience.The DIY tiger Lanterns launched by the museum have become children’s favorite New Year gifts. Through manual activities, children’s hands-on skills have been trained and the festival experience has been enriched.DIY Winter Olympics mascot activities to participate in a large number of citizens present to feel the charm of the Winter Olympics.Wear Hanfu, do hanli, play juju…City museum to create the scene of the “Winter Olympic Year · Spring Green Longshou Mountain — if the ancient Olympic Games” activities, so that visitors immersive experience of ancient people’s fun games, the majority of the audience not only get the fun of the game, but also increase the knowledge of traditional culture.Many visitors who came to experience the game said that traditional games and museums with rich cultural heritage are especially compatible.This year’s municipal museum public interactive experience activities during the Spring Festival, one of the biggest museum in combination with its own characteristics in a series of propaganda jinchang outstanding traditional culture, revolutionary culture education activities, enrich and rich cultural gift bag, let the public got engaged in museums and get feeling, make the traditional culture into the contemporary life better.The city museum also actively develops cultural and creative products, so that the audience can “take the museum home”, which has achieved good social and economic benefits, and further highlights the new image of Jinchang, which reflects the history and modernity and perfectly integrates tradition and fashion.