“Daughter, you got $400,000 in your divorce. Buy your brother a nice car.” “Okay.”

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When you are young, you should live for yourself. After you have a family, you should live for your family.But some women, because they were abused by their parents when they were young, have turned themselves into “help younger brother magic” for her mother’s younger brother.Blood is Thicker than water was originally used to describe the importance of family love, and now it has become an excuse for some parents to suck the blood of their daughters. After their daughters get married, they kidnap their daughters with family love and let their daughters suck the blood of her husband’s family to support their own family.People in this life, should strive to dominate their own life, want to live what kind of life should be determined by their own, rather than by the family “kidnapped”, life for others to live.Jiang Zimeng feel her husband Zhu Jiaming become indifferent to their own.Since Zhu Jiaming found jiang Zimeng all his hard saved wages secretly transferred to her family, the atmosphere at home has been very tight.Zhu Jiaming like Jiang Zimeng, every month’s wages to jiang Zimeng to manage, he only left 500 pieces as living expenses.Zhu Jiaming know Jiang Zimeng parents eccentric home brother, so he is very good to Jiang Zimeng, I hope I can make up for jiang Zimeng injury.Can let Zhu Jiaming did not expect is that the marriage of a year to hand over the wages, almost 100 thousand pieces, unexpectedly all gone.Zhu Jiaming thought it was stolen at first, want to call the police immediately.Did not expect jiang Zimeng this just hemmed and hawed said, money was her family to go.Zhu Jiaming was confused and immediately called his in-laws.The in-laws admitted that it was because they wanted to decorate the youngest son at home, so they asked Jiang Zimeng for the money.03 Jiang Zimeng looked at her furious disappointed husband, want to let his own family also a little, even if only 10 thousand pieces can also.But Jiang Zimeng’s parents refused to pay a cent, also said that the money is Jiang Zimeng filial piety parents, do not have to return.Since then Jiang Zimeng in Zhu Jiaming’s home status plummeted.I used to like my in-laws.I also began to give myself a face, said some shady words to ridicule themselves.Jiang Zimeng did the wrong thing, also feel cold not qualified to lose his temper at home.All day looking at her husband’s face, only every day in humble to please her husband, the financial power of the family was naturally transferred to Zhu Jiaming’s hands, Jiang Zimeng dare not have any words.But her husband has not forgiven Jiang Zimeng, Jiang Zimeng thought Zhu Jiaming just to give yourself a lesson.Until one day, Zhu Jiaming put forward a divorce to Jiang Zimeng.Jiang Zimeng naturally refused, but Zhu Jiaming has been black face for Jiang Zimeng let yourself.04 Zhu Jiaming dont want to give jiang Zimeng’s family as a worker all his life.He this year has been looking at Jiang Zimeng to please his family, began to love dearly, and then became incredible and impatient.I used to give some red envelopes, buy some high-end gifts, and do some small favors.But this time Jiang Zimeng unexpectedly gave his hard saved wages to his brother to do decoration, but also did not discuss with yourself, Zhu Jiaming has not believed their marriage.Jiang Zimeng can not change the idea of Zhu Jiaming, two people in entanglement after half a year or divorced.Zhu Jiaming know Jiang Zimeng life is not easy, let alone after divorce, gave Jiang Zimeng 400,000.Out of the civil Affairs Bureau that day, Zhu Jiaming also specially asked Jiang Zimeng, let Jiang Zimeng dont give the money to their parents, learn to consider for yourself, Jiang Zimeng promised with tears.From Zhu Jiaming moved out of the home of Jiang Zimeng dragging luggage, temporarily do not know where to go, Jiang Zimeng thought or decided to go back to their parents’ home.When I went home and told my parents about the divorce, my parents were very angry.They loudly accuse Zhu Jiaming stingy, to his wife’s home brother decoration spent 100 thousand pieces, should be so haggling over every ounce.Jiang Zimeng did not speak, she was thinking, if the parents can first ten thousand yuan to Zhu Jiaming then Zhu Jiaming’s attitude may change.But at this point, there’s no point in saying that.They’ve been divorced.05 mother know Zhu Jiaming married points 400,000, began to say their hard to pull Jiang Zimeng, jiang Zimeng suffered a lot of suffering, but also saved money to send Jiang Zimeng to university, Jiang Zimeng should now repay their parents.After a lot of rambling, he finally revealed his purpose.”Daughter, you got $400,000 from the divorce to buy your brother a nice car.””Good.”Looked at the mother humble standing in front of his prayer, although Jiang Zimeng know this is a mother from his hand to the money of a performance, but Jiang Zimeng still agreed to the requirements of the mother.Go to the car shop to see the car that day, Jiang Zimeng looked at parents and brother, sister-in-law kiss hot together to talk.And I stood alone, feeling the midday sun was so hot that I was about to burn to ashes.06 Jiang Zimeng is a complete “help brother magic”, in order to help their own family, actually put their own divorce.After the divorce, he doesn’t wake up and buy a car for his brother.Such painful self-sacrifice is bound to destroy a man.Women should not become “help brother demon”, it will not only make themselves uncomfortable, but also hurt their families.Brother is not sister’s obligation, to help others is love, do not help is duty.There is no such thing as taking for granted in the world. A woman should get rid of the pain of her original family before she can walk into a new one.Hope all women, love yourself more, and live for yourself.