Gao Tingyu: 1 crown at least break through 5 magic spells, confident leap seconds to kill a variety of unsatisfied

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4 gold!China’s Gao Tingyu won the men’s 500m speed skating race at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 12, Beijing time.Gao Tingyu breaks at least 5 spells with this crown.One is to break Olympic records.In the competition, Gao Tingyu won the gold medal with an Olympic record time of 34.32 seconds.This is the fourth gold medal for The Chinese delegation.The second is to break the curse of flag-bearers not winning.Big data shows that China has participated in a total of 22 Summer and winter Olympics.Han Xiaopeng, Yang Yang, Lei Sheng, Zhu Ting, etc., never have the flag bearer in when the Olympic Games to get the champion’s report card.This is known as the Flagman charm.Countries around the world have similar flag-bearer curse.In fact, when the first time to know when they want to be the flag bearer, Gao Tingyu also really scared.”But spells are made to be broken.Gao Tingyu said aloud to himself.Third, deliver on our promises.Gao, who finished bronze in Pyeongchang last year, said: ‘I will definitely change my medal to gold at the next Olympics.’Now he has made good on his word.He said, our Chinese promise is worth gold.Fourth, the Chinese men’s speed skater won the first Olympic gold medal.This epic victory is a breakthrough from “0” to “1” for China’s speed skating, especially for men’s events, and is of great significance.When Luo Zhihuan, 82, one of China’s most famous speed skater, stepped out as the first flag bearer at the opening ceremony, you could see his glinting eyes in close-up shots.He said that with this “1”, there must be a second, a third, more champions.In fact, only with this “1”, break through the window paper, Chinese speed skating, Chinese men’s speed skating, can usher in a new leap.Fifth, the first Chinese athlete to break the Olympic record in the “Ice Ribbon” National Speed Skating Hall.Why did Gao Tingyu win the title?We speak with hard power.That night on the award ceremony, Gao Tingyu jumped onto the winner’s podium.The confident Chinese have hit back at the skeptics.The runner-up in front of him, the South Korean Che Min-kyu did a clean action on the podium.Che Min Kui this wave of operation triggered global netizens hot discussion.As anyone who watched the competition knows, speed skating is a person in their own track speed, completely rely on individual ability to win the championship.The man looked like a sore loser, not only losing the game, but once again losing his character.In my opinion, the translation name of this small country should be referred to as “South Korea”.If you have studied Chinese history, you must know that during the Period of the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States, one of the seven kingdoms of the Warring States was named “Han”. Obviously, this South Korea does not deserve to be named after the seven kingdoms of the Warring States.Gao Tingyu proved with solid and excellent results, although suffered from the torture of waist injury, but as long as through scientific training + improved technology + integration of resources, give full play to the advantages of China’s whole nation system, it can achieve leap development, break all kinds of magic spells or to treat all kinds of disobedience.Pay attention to characteristic sports details comment, share magical sports power.(Photo from the network, deleted.)# Speed skaters from South Korea wipe the podium