Huating spring farming supplies reserve “grain and grass” enough

2022-07-09 0 By

Gansu economic network Huating news (new Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily correspondent Zhu Ling Bian Fangfang) the earth spring, farming gradually.Nowadays is the critical period of spring ploughing preparation, Huating city active action, early arrangement deployment, strengthen agricultural supplies and supervision, for the smooth development of spring ploughing preparation work escort.Approaching a store in Huating city, urea, ammonia and other fertilizers piled up as mountains, workers are busy unloading the newly arrived fertilizer trucks, according to the manager here, he specially from the surrounding provinces and cities ordered a large number of agricultural products, fully able to meet the needs of farmers spring farming production.In view of the characteristics of early spring and tight farming season this year, Huating City agricultural technical service center focuses on the supply of agricultural materials and reserves materials in advance to ensure the quality of agricultural products in spring.At present, we have stored 2 tons of pesticides, 14,000 tons of fertilizer, 118 tons of plastic mulch, 110 tons of new corn varieties and 4,000 tons of potato seeds. At present, the material transportation is still in progress.At the same time, in order to ensure quality of inputs, huating, strengthen the agricultural capital management network renovation, establish archives for agricultural materials business outlets to increase inputs especially seeds of spot check and inspection, strict investigation counterfeit agricultural materials, purification agricultural materials market, guarantee the stability of agricultural materials improve product quality, price, to ensure that farmers in spring trust of inputs can be used during the production.