Received 10 years in prison for illegally absorbing 130 million yuan of public deposits

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Recently, the shandong province Tai’an City criminal verdict released by the intermediate people’s court, China and Thailand securities dongping county west mountain sales finance manager liu peng for make up the fry a hole, in the name of the purchase funds, and promised high returns, not specific people to absorb capital of 130 million yuan to the society, to cause participants to raise economic loss of 9.46443 million yuan.Knowing that his capital chain was broken and he had no ability to return the money, he defrauded others of 1.25 million yuan by making up accounts for margin lending and returning the customer’s funds.The court sentenced Liu to 10 years in prison and fined him 250,000 yuan on charges of illegally absorbing public deposits and fraud.The court found that since 2013, Liu Pengzai zhongtai securities during the period of work, in the name of the purchase funds to some, ma, li mou, yan xi, xu society not particular personnel to absorb funds, promised high returns, raise part after participants to withdraw funds or rewarded, when liu peng raising funds from the participants to absorb funds again,Part of the fund raising participants will be recovered from the fund or the return to liu Peng repeated investment.By the end of the case, Liu had accumulated 12,9966,609 million yuan in funds, and 9,464.43 million yuan had not been returned to the participants.”Since May 2014, Liu Peng asked me to help him buy funds and give me the company’s rewards and performance in order to complete the task.On May 16, 2014, I transferred 57,000 yuan to Liu Peng. Liu peng said that he had bought a one-month fund and then transferred it to me as a reward of 3,200 yuan, with over 500 yuan for every 10,000 yuan.Later, more than 20 relatives and friends bought funds through me.When someone needed money, I told Liu Peng, who immediately transferred the principal and rewards to me. It was always normal.”According to the statement of li, one of the participants of the fund raising, by September 2019, Liu Peng did not give the money in time and used various reasons to evade it.By comparing the transfer records, liu Peng still owes himself and his classmates and friends zhang and other 22 people’s principal of 809,360 yuan has not been returned.In October 2019, Liu Peng knowingly broke his capital chain and did not have the ability to return, fictitious margin lending business account opening, return customer funds and other reasons, defrauding Liu of 900,000 yuan, defrauding Wang of 350,000 yuan.On October 21, 2019, Liu Peng turned himself in.”Liu Peng is the manager of the operation department of Zhongtai Securities. I buy funds there and Liu peng often recommends funds to me.On October 10, 2019, Liu Peng said that the company had a new project and he wanted to invest in it, but he was short of funds. He borrowed 500,000 yuan from me and paid it back in three days.The next day, Liu peng borrowed 400,000 yuan from me again, and he still said he would pay it back in a few days.”According to Liu mou confirmed that to the agreed repayment date, Liu Peng did not return the money, the call urged, Liu Peng said to give him a week of time;A few days later, Liu Peng was out of reach.According to Liu Peng’s confession, he joined Zhongtai Securities in 2011, initially working as a counter staff, began to work in the marketing post in 2013, and then served as the manager of the operation department, responsible for the sale of wealth management funds.Around 2013, liu peng borrowed money from his classmates Li and others because of the stock market deficit.Later, owing more money, his salary and income are very difficult to pay the interest on the loan, more unable to repay the principal.”In order to repay the loan principal and interest, I told my classmates and friends that the company had financial management tasks and asked them to buy fund products for me.When I received the money, I did not transfer it to the securities account. Most of the money was used to pay the principal or interest of the loan due.As a result, the amount of debt is getting bigger and bigger and you have to keep borrowing more just to make the payments.”Liu peng confessed, “From 2015 to now, I have not paid back about 20 million yuan of loans.I told them I had bought the fund, but in fact the money I spent on the fund was only 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. The rest was robbing Peter to pay Peter’s debts.”In this regard, the court heard that Liu Peng to the public to illegally absorb deposits, promised to return within a certain period of time, the amount is huge, its behavior has constituted the crime of illegal absorption of public deposits;Liu Peng invented the purpose of borrowing money and defrauded others of property when he was unable to repay the money. The amount was so huge that his behavior constituted a crime of fraud.Accordingly, the court sentenced Liu peng to four years in prison and a fine of 100,000 yuan for illegally absorbing public deposits.Committing the crime of fraud, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of eight years, and fined 150,000 yuan;He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 250,000 yuan.The illegal income of 10,714,443 yuan of Liu Peng was recovered and returned to the fund-raising participants.Source | in the macro network