The latest on Elden Ring!

2022-07-09 0 By

Speaking of Miyazaki Hideko, I believe that many players have been tortured by him, the famous “soul series”, is from Miyazaki Hideko, this series of games, with difficulty and map exquisite design let countless players indulge in them.I was one of them, and although I was always abused, the feeling of excitement when I finally defeated the Boss after a long time of persistence was irreplaceable and extremely beautiful.Recently, the old Miyazaki thief’s new book, Elden’s Ring of Law, will be released.Before this, this work, has gone through many rounds of testing, whether it is the picture of the game, or the specific gameplay, or some of the plot Settings that have been revealed, can be called miyazaki old thief’s peak.However, the fan club has released a number of demo videos of the actual game, but this was not enough to satisfy enthusiastic gamers’ expectations for the new game.As a result, the fan club recently released a live demo video showing some of the game’s most interesting features.As in the previous videos, horse fighting is the core of this game, but according to The thief, players don’t have to choose horse fighting, in the game, spirit horses are more often used for travel.It’s worth noting, however, that when the player encounters those mounted enemies, if timed well, they can shoot them down with a jump attack.This is a fun gameplay that players can play when the game goes live.This real machine demonstration, in addition to the above said horse war, there is a big bear also attracted a lot of players’ eyeballs, it is understood that although this big bear is only an elite strange, but behind him in the building of the elevator, but it seems to hide what unknown secret, the game online, remember to explore here!