The railway station and office in This World were originally in Jiddah

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For many citizens, the Geological Palace, the main building of The Chaoyang campus of Jilin University, located in the northern end of the cultural Square, is a very familiar place. But for the audiences across the country who have come to the geological Palace through the TV series “The World”, it is particularly mysterious because of its grand appearance and age texture.”‘ The World ‘has made the geological Palace popular, with many tourists coming here recently to take photos and punch cards.”Jin Guangxu, director of the university culture construction Department of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Jilin University, said that many of his colleagues and friends are just like him, waiting in front of the TV every night, waiting to “capture” the “Big picture” of the drama.Not only the Geological Palace, but also the Basic Medical College of Jilin University, the Clinical Medical College of Jilin University and the Public Health Hospital of Jilin University have all changed into government offices and meeting rooms in the world. The Nanling Campus Hospital of Jidda is mainly used to show the scenes of treating patients and saving people in the play.”In the 11th and 14th episodes of ‘The World’, Zhou Bingkun, played by Lei Jiayin, went to jichun Railway Station several times to pick up and see people off. Whether it was in the indoor waiting hall or the overall appearance of the railway station, it could be seen as a geological palace, which was the appearance in my memory.”After a long time just returned to the long work Wang Qichao, while foreign friends invited to shoot the geological palace real scene small video, while the tone of affirmation.After years of baptism of the geological palace, gorgeous in the plain, six tall red columns more majestic.The cultural square in front of the Geological Palace is covered with snow in winter and luxuriantly green trees in summer. The white pigeons and the magnificent sunbird sculpture echo each other at a distance, becoming the eyeball scene in the lens of a large number of tourists.”The World not only makes more people know about The University, but also its inspirational story is in line with the university’s spirit of gathering famous teachers, taking root in northeast China and making lifelong contributions to the progress of Science in China.”Jin guangxu told reporters that because of this, jTU received a letter of assistance from the provincial Party Committee’s publicity department last year when the Spring Festival was approaching, and held a special coordination meeting with the whole department. “The keynote was to cooperate fully.”Since then, Jin guangxu assisted the crew to travel around the university’s six campuses in Changchun, and the medical Department alone provided nearly 20 rooms for the crew to shoot, as scenes of jiangliao Province, Jichun city and other government agencies in the drama.Jilin University is a national key comprehensive university directly under the Administration of the Ministry of Education. It is one of the first batch of universities approved by the State Education Commission of “Project 211”, listed in the “Project 985” as a national key university, and selected as a National First-class University. Jilin University undertakes a large number of national and provincial scientific research projects.A batch of high – tech achievements with good prospects for industrialization and high technological content will be produced.In the past, JIDA has participated in the filming of the long film film “Huang Danian” and the TV series “Young Marshal” to promote the cultural construction of the school and spread its influence far and wide with the help of film and television effects.Now, a new wave of “JIDu fever” has been widely concerned — with the lens of “The World”, it inspires the pride of the students studying in JIDu, and makes the young audiences across the country full of yearning for JIDu and Changchun, which will be of great benefit to the cultivation and retention of talents for urban construction.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: