Best new Talent list updated!Good news for the Warriors. Tucker takes first place in the league

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The NBA released the latest rookie rankings, and cuttino Mobley is as consistent as ever, ranking no. 1 for the third consecutive period and becoming the favorite for rookie of the year.Barnes is also solid at no. 2, and it’s worth noting that Giddy has made a comeback to the top three. He’s had a breakout week, averaging 15 points, 9.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game to become the best rookie in the league, and more importantly, he’s set a number of league records.Cunningham, the no. 1 pick, dropped to fourth and Wagner was fifth.Warriors rookie Kminga is ninth in the standings, and there is good news that he will replace injured Duarte in the Rookie Challenge.There’s no denying that Kuminga is a promising rookie who could break into the top 10 if Kerr would give him a chance, and he’s a mature young star who doesn’t complain about being sent down to the D-League.It’s not just Kuminga who has good news, it’s Also Green.According to the latest report, he has participated in some light workouts recently, and Kerr said he is making good progress on his injury and believes he will return after the All-Star break, but the exact date is unclear.Green is averaging 8 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game. His stats aren’t stellar, but he’s well-rounded. More importantly, his defensive rating is 101, which ranks eighth in the league.With an assist ratio of 32.8 percent and 14th in the league, there’s no doubt green is the focal point of the Warriors’ defense as well as the focal point of their offense.Luni is right, the game feels a little less without Green.The Warriors haven’t been in good shape lately, and they’ve been pulling away from the SUNS.In that context, green’s comeback is all the more important.In addition, rookie Chris Wiseman’s recovery is progressing, and the Warriors are getting healthier.It’s worth noting that most teams would prefer phoenix to the Warriors in the first round.One final piece of news about Tucker, if someone asks who has the highest 3-point percentage this season?Curry, Thompson, Booker and Harden are the first names that come to mind, but tucker, surprisingly, leads the league in shooting 45.5 percent from the field.Some fans will say he must have taken few shots, but he didn’t.He also made 71 3-pointers, ranking 115th in the league, and averaged around three attempts per game. Tucker’s killer is known as the corner 3-pointer, leading the league in field goal percentage for several seasons.It’s worth noting that Tucker has never made more than $10 million a year in his career. He’s a very underrated player, and he’s a very good value.Tucker is with the Heat this season and is looking for his second career championship with the team atop the Eastern Conference.