Chinese Super League transfer: Seaport plans to introduce national defender, Shandong Taishan finalised xu’s new successor

2022-07-10 0 By

February 15th Beijing time, let’s take a look at the Chinese Super League transfer news summary.Shanghai Harbour are planning to release mestorovitch with only one year left on their contract after they failed to play, Titan Sports reported.With the release of foreign central defender Maistorovic, Shanghai Port can spare a foreign quota in the attack to strengthen, and then introduce a national central defender to replace Maistorovic’s position.National defender few, Shenhua zhu Chenjie and Jiang Shenglong is unlikely to be sent to the harbour, now the most likely to join the harbour is Jiang Guangtai.Because guangzhou has been unable to afford jiang Guangtai’s annual salary of more than 20 million, and now to Jiang Guangtai’s big contract is only that a few, Shanghai Harbour is one of them.2, Shandong Taishan found a new successor to Xu?It is reported that Shandong Taishan is preparing to introduce Liao Lisheng to replace Xu Xin.Shandong Taishan, who signed Xu Xin from Guangzhou last year, are once again looking for a Guangzhou player.Due to economic considerations, now Guangzhou team has not strong retention players, as long as the offer can be left.What’s more, Liao Lisheng with last year Xu Xin’s situation, are with guangzhou team contract expired, Shandong Taishan can get him for free.Xu xin will join Shanghai Port as a free agent after signing a 1+4 contract last year.If Shandong Taishan visa waiver Liao Lisheng, I don’t know whether will open such a wonderful contract 1+4.Meizhou Hakka are expected to sign Wuhan’s Liao Junjian, Shandong’s Taishan and Chen Zhechao as a package, according to Football Daily. Liao Junjian, a free player, has joined the team for training.Dalian native Li Shuai is expected to join Changchun Yatai, the report said.