Marbury is expected to join former teammates, was an important core of the Shanxi team, just won the three-man basketball championship

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The time is getting closer and closer to the start of the third stage of CBA competition. The teams have also ended the Spring Festival holiday recently and gradually resumed to prepare for the third stage of the competition.Before this, each team has done more reinforcement in foreign aid, many teams have even introduced four foreign aid to enrich the squad thickness, including Beijing North Control team.Beijing North Has a 14-14 record so far this season, ranking 11th in the regular season.This season the north control team investment is not small, season so far they have introduced as many as four foreign aid, so the foreign aid spending is also a large number.But so far this season, they have only finished 11th in the regular season, which is obviously unjustifiable, so both the fans and the management are very unhappy about it.Coach Stephon Marbury is under pressure to make further changes to his roster.They had already released former international lee Gun, who had surgery before the start of the season and missed all of the team’s matches.In addition, he has a large contract, in the previous few seasons of poor performance and the situation, the North Control team did not hesitate to choose to get to know him.Someone goes, someone comes, and Marbury already has his own plan.In the recent media exposure of the North Control team team training, we also saw a long-lost figure, that is the former national player Duan Jiangpeng.It is believed that fans who have watched Beijing Games will not be unfamiliar with duan Jiangpeng’s name. Marbury once worked with him in Beijing and Shanxi Before this, so they are very familiar with each other and there will be no big problems in communication.Duan, 32, who was born in 1990, is familiar with the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) after playing in the league for more than 13 seasons.Before playing in Beijing, he was a key member of Shanxi National Basketball Team. During the 2012-13 season, he played more than 40 minutes per game as the key player of Shanxi National Basketball Team, during which he averaged 18.1 points and 3.8 rebounds per game.Because of this, he was also targeted by other teams, including the Beijing Ducks.Duan Jiangpeng, who moved to The Beijing Ducks in the summer of 2016, is also highly expected by fans. Since The Beijing Ducks have won three CBA championships in history, there is more room for imagination about Duan’s arrival to regain the CBA championship.However, contrary to one’s wishes, Duan Jiangpeng came to Beijing team and did not get the reuse of the team. Finally, after five years in Beijing team, he no longer chose to stay in the team, chose to leave.Last summer, leaving Beijing Duan Jiang peng came to shanxi, sichuan and other teams for trial, at that time considered consistent with Duan Jiang peng’s strength in CBA is still not too big problem, but instead, Duan Jiang peng finally choice and no a CBA team to renew the contract, then he can only three basketball game, three people in the basketball game last year,He also won the championship of the three-man basketball match with Noble team for the first time, so his performance has attracted the attention of many CBA teams once again, and they want to invite him to the team for trial training, and wish him to return to the CBA court as soon as possible.