Multiple arrests!Chenzhou police Spring Festival normal distribution “silver bracelet”!

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A holiday is impossible!The fight against illegal behavior is never-ending!Take a look at the Spring Festival, which suspects chenzhou police distribution “silver bracelets”!North Lake speed!The pickpocket suspect arrives before the victim reports the crime!The fifth night of the first month, The North Lake branch of the People’s Road police station Chen Ming combat team in daily work found a middle-aged man wearing a black coat, in xinglong pedestrian street, BBK Xintiantian and other downtown busy sections of the implementation of pickpocket.Further familiar with the appearance of the suspect, Chen Ming combat group immediately armed patrol, squatting.2 hours later, the successful arrest of the suspect Chen patrol, the scene was found to be involved in 8 mobile phones.In the process of taking Chen back to the house, the police gradually received the alarm calls about the loss of mobile phones, and confirmed by comparison that a total of 6 victims recovered their lost mobile phones that day.”I did not expect that I just reported the case, you informed me that I found the phone, lost feeling good!”The girl xiaoqin who lost the mobile phone praised the police repeatedly.At present, the suspect Chen patrol has been detained in accordance with the law.Suxian police station police really cattle!Burglary solved in 1 hour!At 11 o ‘clock on the sixth day of the first month, The police on duty at the Suxian sub-station of the Suxian Police station met Ms. Ma to report to the police that she had stolen the cash at the cashier desk of the Internet cafe.According to the store’s surveillance video, a man walked into the register at 4:22 a.m. and stole the cash.After the police investigation and tracking of the man, found that the man was named Cao Flying, often in an Internet cafe in Suxian district, the police immediately rushed to the Internet cafe will be successful theft suspect Cao flying captured.In this case, it only took an hour from the police to the arrest of the suspect.At present, the criminal suspect has been detained in accordance with the law.Zixing Bamianshan police station picked the first “peach” in the Year of the Tiger!On the fourth day of the first lunar month, Deng Long, director of the Bamianshan police Station of The Zixing City Public Security Bureau, and He Mutian, deputy director of the police, found that online fugitive He mou absconded home, most likely hiding in a relative’s home.Because it was during the Spring Festival, if the arrest rashly I am afraid to disturb the villagers, in order to prevent the suspect from escaping, Deng Long and He Mutian in a relative next to quietly squatted for a night.The next morning at 7 o ‘clock, dressed in pajamas he mou just walked out of the door of his relatives, was controlled by two police.After the trial, he mou confessed to his illegal and criminal behavior.It was hard to stay overnight in the frozen rain and snow, but Deng long said it was the first peach they had picked in the Year of the Tiger.Using the peak period of returning home, Guiyang Lufeng police station actively investigate suspects involved in fraud!On the second day of the first month, Lufeng police station of The Public Security Bureau of Guiyang County through the area involved in the “two card” personnel comprehensive combing and verification, found that the suspect Chen is an Internet cafe to surf the Internet, Lufeng police station immediately rushed to the Internet cafe will be successfully captured.According to the trial, From August 2021 to now, Chen rented his bank card to others for illegal transfer, with a total transfer amount of more than 130,000 yuan, from which he earned 1,200 yuan.At present, the suspect Chen mou has been taken compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further handled.Appropriate chapter public security crack down on illegal inter-provincial transport fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior!On the eighth day of the first lunar month, The Public Security Bureau of Yizzhang County held cao Mou Ping under administrative detention for illegally transporting fireworks and firecrackers across the province according to law, and seized 1,013 illegally transporting firecrackers.Recently, the public security bureau of The two provinces in the border area during the Spring Festival fireworks road transport special rectification, found that the illegal suspect Cao Moping driving ordinary truck loaded with a car to prepare for the high-speed transport to Guangdong from the Town of Yantan Yizhong, immediately stopped it.After inspection, the ordinary truck does not have the transport of dangerous goods qualification, and did not apply for fireworks road transport license.After inquiry, illegal suspect Cao ping confessed to illegal facts.At present, the case is being handled further.Police Spring Festival is not vacation drops ~ “silver bracelet” is always ready!In addition, xiaobian reminds you relatives, during the Spring Festival with family and friends, please pay attention to protect your property and personal safety!