Botanical Garden, Science Park……Yibin will add a suburban leisure tourism

2022-07-11 0 By

Camphor is yibin specialty, cuiping district shuangyi town is yibin camphor production core township.Recently, the reporter learned from the yibin City Cuiping district Shuangyi town government, this year, shuangyi town will use the natural resources and landscape of oil camphor modern industrial demonstration park, to create a set of planting, processing, sightseeing experience as one, one, two and three industry integration development of the “dream of qingyun” forestry demonstration park, synchronous creation of AAA tourist attractions.Dream “classical” forestry demonstration garden is tsui district double yi town by enterprise linkage development mode, relying on the dream of yibin agriculture tour development co., LTD., the government capital leverage social capital investment, to develop the science and technology, intelligent, digital forestry park, its core base in yibin zhang modern forestry demonstration zone oil (double yi) science and technology park.According to the introduction, “dream qingyun” forestry park planning area of 5000 acres, has been built 3500 acres.This year, we will build homestay, catering, entertainment and leisure facilities, and comprehensively promote the integration of the three industries.”Shuangyi beautiful environment, mountain rich three-dimensional sense, the size of streams through the meantime, very suitable for fishing leisure.”Cuiping area double yi town party secretary Li Bin said that the construction of the peach blossom crossing, yunshuijian residential accommodation is expected to be built at the end of this year, when the “dream of qingyun” park will become a botanical garden, popular science park, yibin suburban leisure tourism new base.