Internal aid trial failure + the old captain with the team, national security supplement strong ningkuanchuan, two foreign aid blocked

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Internal aid trial failure + the old captain with the team, national security to reinforce the strong ning Guancheng, two big foreign aid blocked national security is still in Haikou training, the team head coach Xie Feng previously revealed the introduction of the plan, three foreign aid Addebenluo, Jiang Xiangyou and Meimishewicz to join the basic determination.However, it is not in place at present. According to the reporter Zhang Qiang, The internal aid Xu Hui of Guoan’s current trial training has left the team, which means that he failed in the trial training. The internal aid of Guoan has made up for the failure of the trial training, but Xu Hui is a naturalized player, but his condition is not very good after the trial training, so Guoan abandoned him.In terms of the introduction of internal aid, Guoan is not very strong, has not contacted some national level players, it can be seen that guoan will not have too many changes in the aspect of internal aid.Guo ‘an’s former general Li Siqi, who captained the team’s reserve team and played for the Chinese second team last season, trains with the team.Coach Xie Feng is also checking him out. Li Siqi is a defender and a key recruit for Guoan. If his performance is good, he is expected to rejoin Guoan.In the last two seasons, guoan introduced gradually lower, the middle of last season is the old jiang Tao signed, so this time it is likely to sign another old.There is no need for guoan to spend a lot of money on domestic aid. Hou Yongyong has returned to China for quarantine, and he will follow Guoan for training in mid-April.In fact, Hou yongyong can return to health, this is guoan a supplement, last season because of injury problems he missed the whole season, the last two years only played eight games, after returning to need training to adjust the condition.Two foreign signings, Emmanuel Adebenro and Ivan Memisevic, have been blocked from joining the club, with Adebenro unable to travel to China until mid-April and Memisevic unable to set a travel date.Even if the Chinese Super League is postponed to May, the two foreign players will not catch up, so the beginning of the season both basic mountain is certain to miss a period of time.New season national security is still facing difficulties, but specific to see other teams foreign aid in place, just can see the strength of national security.From the preparation of the situation, in fact, the Country is not very satisfactory, mainly the lineup is not the whole problem, the country is facing the situation of redeployment of the lineup.In the introduction of foreign aid, National Security is relatively early, but because of the problem of the schedule appears to be not very efficient.There is still a month to go before the opening of the Chinese Super league in the new season, guoan will not have much change in foreign aid, mainly in terms of domestic aid there is still room to introduce, as a local head coach, for domestic aid more understanding, I believe he also has his own candidates.The competition of CSL will not be very fierce in the new season, guoan is expected to return to the top four position, many national players have not been reused in the national team, so the energy consumption will not be great, and they have been in the training state.There is no need to worry about the physical state of the internationals after their return, mainly adapting to the new tactics.Guoan wants to introduce internal players also need to seize the time, four Chinese Super league promotion horses come in a fierce way, has locked a number of strength of internal players, leaving Guoan can choose a few players, through the winter training believe xie Feng also made clear guoan lack of players in which positions.