It’s 2022 and you’re still trying to decide where to renew your car’s insurance?

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Car insurance as a necessary vehicle risk avoidance tools, for many owners have provided a strong guarantee.However, every year to the vehicle insurance renewal time, all kinds of insurance phone, information let owners at a loss, do not know how to start…Is the price?Is the service?Than security?All let car owners hurt their brains.Are you wasting your energy on this in 2022?Then you are OUT, in the 4S shop renewal, to help you all get it done, say goodbye to entanglement!Adhering to the service concept of “Chery service, care for you”, Chery has always been committed to providing warm care and intimate service for car users. In terms of warranty renewal service, Chery also strives to be more professional, convenient and thoughtful.Purchasing insurance in Chery 4S shop not only avoids the dilemma of choosing insurance, but also enjoys professional consultation, emergency rescue and professional maintenance. Meanwhile, it saves worry about settling claims and improves the future disposal value of vehicles.1. Bid farewell to kanguan 4S Shop, which deals with hundreds of accident maintenance cases every month, contacts many insurance companies, gets familiar with the claims policies and services of various insurance companies, and will choose the best ones for cooperation.The 4S shop knows the value of all kinds of insurance and provides guidance for your choice of insurance.Therefore, renewing insurance in 4S shop can help you solve the problem of choosing an insurance company and say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing an insurance company.Two, after the insurance, the owner is very confused and flustered, at this time, just a phone call, we will provide professional guidance.And according to the owner needs, immediately sent staff on-site assistance processing, at the same time to provide 24 hours of rescue and insurance claims one-stop service, owners do not have to run around formalities, save time and effort, out of danger without worry!3. Maintenance and support 4S shops are basically single product operation, more professional, technicians’ vehicle maintenance technology has been certified by manufacturers;Manufacturers designated maintenance equipment, equipment is more professional;100% original spare parts, more reliable quality;In the 4S shop renewal, insurance can almost be in the 4S shop damage, repair, car repair as new, maintenance quality without worries.Four, the value of the vehicle at present, the speed of the replacement of automobile products is fast, the vehicle in the 4S shop renewal, back to the 4S shop maintenance, maintenance record is complete, quality is guaranteed, when the vehicle replacement, enhance the value of the vehicle, replacement is not worried!In addition, in chery 4S shop renewal, the original price of 158 yuan of the whole car health inspection package, you can enjoy free;There are professionals for you to explain the difference between a variety of packages, tailored for you the best insurance plan;All the benefits of the insurance company will be given to you, plus the extra gift package worth 800 yuan.Nip in the bud, exclusive just rest assured.In 2022, do not hesitate, owners friends, come to the 4S shop to renew the insurance!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)