Qinyuan county “air traffic police” to help improve civilized traffic

2022-07-11 0 By

Qinyuan county, in response to this year during the qingming festival small long vacation pressure of traffic management, real-time control of jurisdiction key road traffic situation, thus timely and reasonably adjust transportation work deployment, ensure smooth road, qinyuan county public security bureau traffic police brigade to science and technology to the police, innovative use of police drones power monitoring traffic flow, cooperate with the ground traffic police directing traffic, etc.According to the analysis of traffic data of key road sections under the jurisdiction of Qinyuan County, the police brigade actively explored the uav patrol mode, strengthened the investigation of hidden road sections and key road sections within the jurisdiction, and realized the maximum efficiency of science and technology police.With the advantages of strong maneuverability and high flexibility of UAV, advanced technologies such as wireless communication remote control, aerial hovering, image transmission and GPS navigation and positioning are used to carry out civilization persuasion and hidden trouble investigation.The police uav civilized traffic persuasion action and key road hidden trouble investigation work, with the help of science and technology, to create a comprehensive open space coordination, three-dimensional control of the new mode of traffic governance, effectively improve the precision of traffic violations.Police uAVs are equipped with high-magnifying zoom wide-angle lens and high-pitched loudspeaker. Relying on these devices, police officers have “clairvoyant eyes” and “loudspeakers”, which can not only detect uncivilized traffic behavior in time, but also conduct civilized persuasion through real-time propaganda, greatly improving patrol efficiency and warning education role.In the future, Qinyuan Traffic police will closely combine civilized traffic comprehensive governance work, normalize the promotion of police uav traffic patrol work, all-round help to improve the level of urban civilized traffic.Editor/Liu Na zhang Fan editor/Lian Yu audit/Cui Jun supervisor/Nan Yuqing editor-in-chief/Yang Feng