A 39-year-old Olympic gold medalist has announced that her 23-year-old girlfriend, who she has been in love with for four years, is expecting a baby this year

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On February 18, Sky Sports reported that Nicola Adams, 39, an Olympic boxing champion, had a baby with ella Begg, who is in her second trimester (14-27 weeks).This summer, Nicola Adams and Ella Begg will get the new mommy upgrade.Nicola Adams, 39, is one of the most famous women’s boxers in England.In 2012 London Olympic Games, Nicola Adams won the gold medal of women’s flyweight (48-51kg), becoming the first British women’s Olympic boxing champion.Nicola Adams defended her women’s flyweight title at the 2016 Rio Olympics.After winning two Olympic gold MEDALS, Nicola Adams turned professional and won the WBO lightweight championship.In November 2019, Nicola Adams announced his retirement from the sport.Nicola Adams has a love interest in her life – 23-year-old fashion girl Ella Berg.Since 2018, Nicola Adams and Ella Begg, both from Leeds, have been in a steady relationship for four years.Before Adams and his ex-girlfriend met IRA Begg, Nicola Adams was married to Maren Esparza, an American professional boxer.But in early 2018, the pair split and Nicola Adams met Ella Begg, starting a new relationship.Nicola Adams and Ella Begg had the same goal: they wanted to have a child.Ella Berger, a young woman, took on the responsibility of raising a family.In the past, Nicola Adams was impregnated with his own frozen eggs and ‘transplanted’ into Ella Begg’s body.However, both experiments were declared failures, and Ella Berg suffered a miscarriage.Fortunately, this time they succeeded.Ella Begg is now in her second trimester, between 14 and 27 weeks.Nicola Adams and Ella Begg will finally welcome their long-awaited baby this summer.Speaking to the media and on social media, Adams said: “I am so happy and excited!Before, we were worried, afraid of the same thing (miscarriage) happening, now everything is fine!We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new family members.”As a two-time Olympic gold medalist, Nicola Adams is very famous in Britain.Even after retirement, Nicola Adams is a cash cow, earning more than £1million from appearances on reality TV shows and magazine adverts.