From this strange topic, we have to raise turtles

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In recent years, there is a hot topic, everyone must know, that is how to inspire young people to have children.A lot of people with an economics background come up with schemes that are nothing more than subsidies, giving money.Personally, ah, or to see the problem is simple.Is giving birth to a child a simple money problem? The key is that many netizens leave messages. This money is far from enough.It has been said that today’s society is highly affirmative.No matter what you think, there’s always someone who says, “You’re right, and I can help you solve the problem that you think that way.”Take giving birth to a child now, in the past, not giving birth to a child is unusual, but now in the affirmative society, someone will tell you: it is right to think so, because you do not have children of all kinds of problems I can help you solve.So addressing the power of these businesses and ideas is the key, not the subsidies.Of course, xiaobian just borrow this topic, do a lead.Let’s not talk about the heavy stuff, let’s just talk about the happy turtle.That is to say, solving problems should not only solve the surface, but also solve them from the root.Some turtle friends clearly just their own environment and raising space problems, not well solved, but always blame the turtle money.Because of the cycle of reaping and buying turtles, even with good equipment, they still can’t do it.In the case of limited breeding space, it has been limited to death, can only choose their favorite type from many turtle species, can not guarantee everything, this is the most peaceful and appropriate way to raise turtles.And in this positive society, in fact, we all have the hope to hear the positive response of others.So when you face your own doubts, there will always be someone to encourage you to do it.Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.However, this is not the same as having a child. It is a matter of national level, and we raise turtles as our own personal affairs.It’s up to you to decide.To solve the fundamental problem is whether it is because of the lack of breeding space, or because it will affect their living economy, and then rearrange their breeding structure.To solve the problem fundamentally is to pull the plug.Just like the winter now, some turtle friends just can’t rest assured, always worried about the turtle, so is from their own operation is not confident?In fact, it is not all, or because they have not experienced.Whether you’re worried or not, it’s the way it’s going to go, and it’s not going to be the end of the turtle just because you’re worried or not.You still have to go through the winter a few times before you know when it’s safe and when it’s dangerous.So don’t worry about it all the time, because worrying about it won’t change anything.Guys, it’s the end of the holiday season, and I don’t know how many days you have left.I believe that many turtle friends are ready to return, and xiaobian took a look at the studio, but also more and more anchors on the line, the New Year turtle raising process will begin again.But today I hear a new word: Fire Brazil.Lol, excuse my ignorance, can you explain what Brazil is?Texture highlights or fire bar impurities?