“Light up the central Axis” in the eastern part of the city turn on the light mode to highlight the winter Olympic elements

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When night falls, stroll in the South Square of Yongdingmen in Dongcheng District. Under the background of a clear and powerful golden light, yongdingmen gate tower looks more peaceful.At present, “Lighting the central Axis” landscape lighting improvement project Yongdingmen Park section (Dongcheng section) has realized all lights.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will soon open, yongding Gate in the night lighting also integrated design elements, to create a strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.Located at the south starting point of the Central axis, Yongdingmen Park section is located at the south starting point of the “Lighting central Axis”, with Yongdingmen Gate tower as the core and the central greening landscape belt of the Central axis of Tiantan Road. The overall length of the lighting belt is about 1.3 kilometers.As an important landscape node of “lighting the central axis”, Yongdingmen Park section is magnificent and has a prominent geographical location. The South Central Axis and the South Second Ring Road intersect here. There are not only the ancient Yongdingmen gate tower, moat and dimly visible Wengcheng pattern, but also the high-speed rail flying frame representing the rapid development of modern cities.It is also an important window to display national image and spread Chinese culture during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. It fully embodies the interweaving of ancient and modern, the collision of tradition and modernity, and the combination of axis and three-dimensional in time and space, which is of great significance to tell Chinese stories well.In the early stage, Dongcheng District Urban Management Committee, together with Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute and other relevant departments, carried out field surveys and segmentation surveys on Yongdingmen Park for many times, and found that there were problems of lamp damage and individual circuit failure in The Tower area of Yongdingmen Park, and insufficient lighting brightness in the imperial road area of Yongdingmen Park.This also leads to the formation of an obvious breakpoint dark area on the central axis. The later it gets, the darker it becomes, which is inconsistent with the positioning of the landscape effect on the central axis.To this end, Dongcheng District carefully analyzed the problem, studied and adjusted the nightview lighting design scheme according to the actual situation, in order to meet the overall lighting effect of the central axis positioning, at the same time to provide a comfortable environment brightness for citizens at night activities, improve the sense of visual security.Promote the central axis at night to finalize the design Makes the ancient capital “beautiful card” and “period of night scene illumination design closely YongDingMen park ‘a clear light, crystal shading through ancient and modern” target, in line with the principle of’ simple, safe, wonderful, highlight the theme of “jiangshan yongding”, through the elegant atmosphere of lighting design and layout,Strive to create a prominent style of the city’s ‘beautiful business card’.”Dongcheng District Urban management Committee environmental regulation section four director section Yang Yahui introduced.At night, standing in the south square of Yongdingmen Park and looking at the gate tower, the ancient city wall and the corridor are warm yellow lights, and the roof tile surface is white lights. Under the background of the two lights, the whole gate tower looks bright and warm and calm.”Dongcheng district actively responds to the ‘simple’ style advocated by the Winter Olympics to minimize construction costs and maximize the use of lamps and lanterns.”Yang yahui said.Kuang Lei, a designer from Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute, was also involved in the nightview lighting design. She said:”Under the principle of keeping the original lighting equipment of Yongdingmen gate tower as far as possible, we tested and refined the existing circuits and lamps, replaced the damaged lamps above the gate tower, repaired the faulty circuits, and increased the lighting of the wall to make the night image of Yongdingmen gate Tower more complete and full.”In addition to yongdingmen tower, yongdingmen Park in the imperial road lamp posts are also the focus of the transformation.Kuang lei said: “The central axis is not only an image, but also a part of urban life. The original lamp posts of the luminous imperial road are very dark, so people have to use their mobile phones to light the road after dark. After the renovation, the imperial road meets the lighting requirements of night activities, making it brighter and safer for people to walk on the imperial road at night.”According to ChengGuanWei in dongcheng district, the reform in order to not affect okimichi lamp original character modelling, the hidden lamp act the role ofing, “see the light of sight lamp”, the design method of the existing light on both sides of okimichi three surface mounted LED linear project-light lamp, on the base with square LED project-light lamp inside the cavity, brim above the lamp installation flexible disassembly of the baffle, and increases the two types of lighting.One is that the lamps illuminate the direction of the imperial road, so as to illuminate the center of the imperial road and increase the overall illumination and uniformity of the imperial road.The other is a light fixture that shines vertically downward, providing light for citizens to stroll, and creating a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.At the same time, it also painted the clear outline of the imperial road lamp, so as to achieve the design effect of “appreciating the scenery in the day and appreciating the lamp at night”.In addition, aiming at the problem that there was no lighting in the plant area of Yongdingmen Park in the past, lighting functions were added to the trees in the park. The way of dense south and sparse north and gradual shading was adopted to ensure the harmony and unity of the overall lighting effect.”In order to highlight the theme of the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have specially integrated design elements into the night lighting to create a strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.”The winter Olympics and Paralympics emblems with built-in LED light boxes have been installed on the left and right sides of the gate, 10 meters away from the city wall, Yang said.In addition to the winter Olympics emblem on the five rings of light to warm white, the emblem on the other elements of the overall light in blue, local introduction of color light.In addition, more than 800 meters of LED line lights have been installed on the white marble railings on both sides of the south square, rendering the lights into ice and snow blue, fully showing the beauty and romance of ice and snow.”The color of the white marble railings can be changed according to the lighting theme, for example, the light can be changed to Chinese red on National Day.”KuangLei said.It is understood that yongdingmen Park section landscape lighting project installed all kinds of lamps and lanterns more than 4000 sets, lighting all use structure archaize, small volume LED lights.In lighting equipment control, divided into strong current control and weak current control.The strong electric control system can realize the lighting mode of major festivals and days, adjust the opening mode and time of lamps according to different needs, and can be unified control in the control room, one button to open;Weak current control system mainly controls the color change of lamps and lanterns, according to different festivals, adjust the color of lamps and lanterns, to meet the needs of the atmosphere of different scenes.According to the yongdingmen Park Management office, the park will be open from 6 am to 10 PM every day, and the lights will be on at the same time as the street lamps.At the same time, the north second Ring road to huangsi Street has also turned on the light mode.The section is about 1.6 kilometers long, with more than 40 high-rise buildings such as office buildings and residential buildings on both sides.In view of the problems of no lighting on both sides of the building and the damage of individual lighting fixtures, lamps were added in the design to highlight the skyline at the top of the building, which effectively connected with the Olympic Tower area in the north and the bell and Drum tower area in the south, and avoided the influence of night lighting on residential buildings.In the set off of lights, YongDingMen barbican pattern, the moat bibo, high-speed erected layer upon layer, on both sides of the plants by close to the hydrophobic dizzy catch, a golden light axis, light guide line of sight to the north into the city, the ancient splendour, but also to the quality of ancient capital city, for the upcoming Spring Festival and the winter Olympics in 2022, winter paralympic games create a festive joy festival atmosphere.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing photo/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Hao Yi editor/Li Xiaomeng