Anhui Huainan family murder case, the murderer on the run for 24 years, just 150 meters away from the victim’s home

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A squad of police cars is seen in Baiyuan Village, Tianjia ‘an district, Huainan City, East China’s Anhui province, July 18, 2019.At first, the villagers had no idea what the pair of police cars were doing in the village.When the car pulled up, several SWAT officers jumped out and formed a single line.Next, a man in shackles is pinned to the ground.Seeing this man, the villagers were very excited, and some villagers shouted that the murderer had finally been caught.Amazingly, the killer himself laughed when he turned up 24 years later to discover the crime scene.It was In August 1995, the murderer of the Huainan massacre Yang mou.On August 25, 1995, Chen Juan in Baiyuan village wanted to help her sister move after finishing housework.She was so close to her sister’s house that she tried to call ahead to let her go, but no one answered.At first, Chen didn’t think much of it.He thought his sister and brother-in-law might be out running errands.Until the afternoon, Chen Juan again dialed her sister’s phone, but no one answered.She called xiao Ma, her brother-in-law’s apprentice, and asked him to go to her sister’s house to check on her.At about 6:00 p.m., the pony arrived at the destination, but knocked on the door for half a day and still did not make a sound. He climbed up the pole to the second floor.After entering the second floor, he found a lot of blood on the floor and a body by the window.The pony was very afraid, quickly along the pole climbed out, immediately call Chen Juan, tell Chen Juan accident.Chen Juan came to her sister’s house, found that the door had been pulled up by the police cordon.After Chen revealed her identity, police told her that her sister, brother-in-law and 14-year-old nephew had been killed in their home.The sister’s seven-year-old daughter, who escaped the accident, found fingerprints and a small bloody cotton ball at the scene.Huainan city public security Bureau set up a task force to investigate.Autopsies found that three of the victims had been stabbed with sharp objects.The cause of death was acute hemorrhagic shock, and the time of death was tentatively determined to be after 11 noon on 24 August.While collecting clues at the scene, the task force found incomplete fingerprints on the bedroom door handle, and still found a small cotton ball with blood thrown into the bathroom inside the trash can.While the task force was collecting clues at the scene, they found a broken fingerprint on a handle outside the bedroom door and a bloody cotton ball thrown into a trash can in the bathroom.Compared the blood types on the tampons, and it didn’t come from the three victims.Police determined it was left behind by the suspect.A case like this, if solved quickly now, will not be so easy to investigate.Back then, there was no street surveillance, and criminal investigation technology was limited.For a time, the public Security Bureau was unable to catch the suspect.In addition, the police found no obvious signs that the victims’ families had been overthrown, and the police were unable to determine the motive of the killer.Most surprising of all, the killer’s got a lot of nerve.The victim lived only 50 meters from the police station.The victim and his wife started an electronics business.The family was relatively wealthy and related to other members of the family.It’s also more peaceful.But at the crime scene, he wasn’t caught.Two flips, no money lost, and the police were unable to determine the killer’s motive.To catch the killer, police will focus on pregnant women with criminal records.Through the investigation, the murderer was eventually not found.The police investigated the victim’s social connections, but ultimately did not find any valuable clues.This case has become the public Security Bureau criminal investigators heart.To solve the case, huainan City public security Bureau to the national public security department for help.When it learns of a forensic breakthrough, it rushes for help.The case has been under investigation for 24 years, but the police never gave up.In July 2019, 24 years later, police got a clue that a criminal in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, had some relationship with the suspect.The night of the incident, the police brigade is investigating the Baekwon village murder case.They learned that Yang Xinyu and Boyu were retired workers from huainan Coal Mine.The prints from the murder scene are a perfect match.After finding clues, the task force rushed to Zhangjiagang city to arrest them.After 15 hours of waiting, they successfully captured Yang and He and brought them to justice.Facing the interrogation of the police, Yang mou heart always does not admit.He also said he went to the victim’s house to steal, and he killed three people in the process.Finally, under the questioning of the police, Yang’s psychological defense line broke down, he finally explained his situation to the police.Criminal facts.Yang mou new confession, before the incident himself just laid off.At that time, he liked to play the stock market, but he didn’t know much about stocks and ended up losing a lot of money.Seeing no money to eat, I wanted to get some money quickly.On the day of the incident, Yang took a sharp knife from home and drove to Baiyuan Village.Wandering through White Plains, he came across the dead man’s door open.Yang mou heart see around no one, ran in.Run down to the first floor, steal stuff, see if you can find anything of value.Later, he went to the second floor to steal things, but met the hostess on the second floor, the daring Yang heart did not immediately run away.He lied to his hostess that she was a home visiting teacher, and she showed him his son’s room without a doubt.Yang walked into the boy’s room, the boy was back to him, lying on the table doing homework.As a result, the boy turned back, Yang used a sharp knife in the boy’s neck stabbed twice.The hostess panicked when she saw her son stabbed.She thought of running out and getting help.Fearing villagers would catch the woman after she fled, Yang stopped her and stabbed her several times in the chest and abdomen until she stopped struggling.After the incident, Yang wanted to quickly flee the scene, but ran from the second floor to the first floor, just hit the male master just home.At that time, Yang’s heart flushed, repeatedly stabbed the male master several knives, men lost in a pool of blood.He fled the scene with the stolen $200 and a gold ring.He told police that since killing a family of three, he had nightmares every day when he closed his eyes, thinking of the three victims, and sometimes woke up in the middle of the night.I’ve been drinking to keep myself from having nightmares.The police think of most is that Yang mou heart after the incident and did not leave the city.Huainan, who had lived in the case for 24 years, was found 150 meters from the scene.Yang said that every time she went out to buy something, she dared not pass by the victim’s door.Whenever he saw the door of his victim’s house, he was reminded of his crime.Evil deeds.Until the police finally caught the killer and brought him to the scene to identify his sister.The man who saw the killer kill his sister, brother-in-law and nephew was caught by police.He said to himself in the air: Father, mother, brother, do you see it now?In this case, the police made great efforts, never gave up on the suspect for two or four years, finally let the suspect into the justice net, let the dead rest in peace.