Barefoot doctor anger its does not contend, functional disorder only knows tonify kidney, have with bookworm why distinction?

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Go to the countryside 99 years, barefoot doctor nu its do not contend: function obstacle knows tonify kidney only, you are really a bookworm!At first I was contemptuous, and then I knew that I was too naive!I grew up under the influence of traditional Chinese medicine environment, I also have some talent, I think I know more than peers, learn more, always look down on others, want to look at people with nose.Just graduated into the hospital, twenty years old, is young when the full of energy, because of their arrogance offended a lot of people.My friends and friends also advised me, but when I was young, who didn’t have a little pride?Always feel that he is saving the world, saving the hero of Traditional Chinese medicine, so no one in the eye.What really changed my mind was an experience in 1999, when I stopped and cured a patient that the director wanted to send to the male department with some ability of my own.The director hated it so much, he was always looking for some opportunity to put me in my shoes.Just the hospital has a plan to go to the countryside, director without my consent to my name on the newspaper, but also the United States of its name said “you are very outstanding in the same age, you are the representative of our hospital young generation, go, remember to win glory for the hospital”.I reluctantly set out on the slow train journey to Shanxi, which took two days and a night.A few days after arriving in the village, I felt like a bull in a China shop, and it wasn’t until I was at the end of seeing two dysfunctional patients that I realized I still had a lot to learn.The villagers didn’t laugh at me, they just said I was young and there would be a long time ahead, but I still felt ashamed because I was a doctor and couldn’t even see a doctor.The villagers saw that I was a little decadent, so they introduced me to the barefoot doctor in the village. They said that he was very good at medicine, and people from far away would come to him to see a doctor. Now I am too old to go out to see a doctor, and when I was young, I would go out to see a patient every day.I remembered what my grandfather had told me: the really powerful Chinese doctors were all hidden in the mountains and villages.He went to visit the doctor with a gift and explained his purpose. He was very nice and polite, saying that he would let me come to study with him when I was free.I followed him to learn a period of time, and met a function disorder, this time he asked me to give patients, I carefully looked at the patients, to prescribe the kidney nourishing prescription, but prescription to the patient’s hands, it was stopped by the old Chinese medicine, he only glanced at, anger its indisputable scold me: kidney dysfunction only know, you are such a nerd!Because the patient’s condition is weak kidney Yang, so I very disdain, I think I am not wrong.The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine didn’t say much, but rewrote the formula and asked the patient to take the medicine.A week later, the patient smiled and thanked the old DOCTOR, and I knew I was naive.So I shy face to ask old Chinese medicine secret, he stared at me one eye, swear to write zhang Fang zi threw to me.Wait until I will study a thorough, just know oneself was really a fool.Let me give you a real case.The patient often stays up late to work overtime and socialize due to work reasons, resulting in dysfunction at a young age.The patient’s condition: dysfunction, upset insomnia, dry mouth and pharynx, two zygomatic flushing, short yellow urine, dry stool.The tongue is red and less fluid, and the pulse is fine.Formula: pig kidney, soybean, Camilla, Gypsum, ginseng, Fuzhuan, magnet, Anemarrhena, Pueraria, Yellow ling, LiquoriceAfter one week of medication, dry mouth and pharynx were relieved and function recovered.After another month, the function recovered, urine and stool returned to normal, the symptoms disappeared.In this case, the patient’s syndrome is Yin deficiency and fire is flourishing.The main function of Yin fen is not only to nourish and nourish the viscera and tissues, but also to control Yang qi so as not to expose Yang qi.If Yin deficit deficiency, unable to control Yang qi, the human experience will appear Yang qi partial heat state, the so-called “Yin deficiency will produce internal heat”, easy to consume the real Yin, the problem of functional dysfunction.Treat to clear heat discharge fire, nourishing Yin tonifying kidney.Square pig kidney, soybean, magnet nourishing Yin kidney and latent Yang.Ginseng, Fu Shen can nourish qi and calm the mind.Dispelling heat and detoxification by Stone bone, Anemone, radix puerariae and Yellow lingLicorice helps ginseng invigorate spleen and yiqi, and stomach adjustment, both prevent filling and greasy, and cold medicine and stomach.The combination of all drugs, kidney Yin to fill and latent Yang, kidney by poison fire can be clear solution, fire poison fold, disease gradually rest, function recovery.Nowadays, many academic TCM doctors look down upon barefoot doctors in the countryside, feeling that they are wild waymen and superior to others.But I don’t think so, in fact, the ceiling of traditional Chinese medicine is still in the folk.