“Cautionary tale” Big heart!Mom lets 13-year-old son drive, Brags: ‘My son is really good’

2022-07-13 0 By

Traffic police in Shenyang, Liaoning province recently received a video report, which shows a teenage boy driving a motor vehicle on a village road, while a woman co-pilot filming the video said: “My son is really good, drive manual gear, mom for you!”After investigation, the woman in the video is Lee, whose private car to his 13-year-old son to drive illegal behavior is true.The final traffic police on the mother and son of the two people were severely criticized education, and li mou will be handed over to the motor vehicle did not obtain a driver’s license to drive the illegal behavior of a fine of 2000 yuan.Traffic police remind: driving motor vehicles must be at least 18 years of age!Parents should set an example, remember the law, do not let the wrong love harm their children!