New discovery: The key to cancer cells returning from hibernation has finally been found

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Difficult to treat cancer, mainly there are several difficult tapping point, one of the difficult to overcome, is easy to recurrence and metastasis after you remove lesions, also may be the risk of recurrence, or cancer cells in the developing and the tendency of transfer, once the cancer cells to spread to the whole body, treatment will be rather difficult, difficult threat to life will be relatively large.In order to be able to conquer the difficulty, scientists have been seeking breakthroughs, finally in the new study, a new found that found the cancer cells from a dormant state key to wake up again, this one study, for the treatment of cancer, can give a new direction, is likely to be largely prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.What does the study actually say?The study was conducted by the mount sinai team, and the research conclusion, published in the journal nature – cancer, researchers mainly through the in vivo two-photon microscope, as well as the high resolution imaging of live animals for tracking observation and analysis, finally in breast cancer and head and neck cancer cells of mice, found the dormancy of cancer cells, to be able to wake up,That’s because animals have reduced amounts of type III collagen.Immediately after the discovery, the researchers tested the cancer mice by increasing the amount of type III collagen surrounding the cancer cells, and finally found that the cancer cells began to fall asleep again.From this, the researchers concluded that a key to the recovery of cancer cells from hibernation to awakening is type III collagen. Similarly, it is possible to control the amount of collagen in the body, especially the amount of type III collagen, in order to prevent the recurrence and metastasis of cancer cells.Source:Nature – Cancer, of course, now the only in this step, no more experiments, to prove whether can through increase of type III collagen to prevent Cancer development, the future still need to do more efforts to strive for can develop drugs, without surgery, simply by taking drugs, can prevent Cancer development, and take Cancer live longer,Reduce the suffering of patients.Although there is still a lot to prove, we can still hope that facing cancer, we should be less afraid and more brave, and we should trust science and doctors more, and maybe we can save our lives.So, to prevent cancer recurrence, what to pay attention to?1. Insist on regular exercise has many studies have shown that exercise is good for cancer patients, as to what to do sports, going to suit the actual situation of cancer patients, each patient’s physical condition is different, the illness recovery is different also, more importantly, different types of cancer, also is not the same as the movement way, but it is certainly insist on regular exercise,It’s really effective against cancer.No matter what sports do, as long as is reasonable and correct, and the body without any exception, insist on down, the body’s immune system improves, body quality will also be stronger, will have more energy to deal with cancer, the activity of immune cells, cancerous cells will not casually again close to, can prevent cancer cells to comfortable again.Walking, jogging, swimming and swinging are recommended for cancer patients.Remember 4 dietary tips ① Eating a healthy diet means cutting back on certain foods, such as salted, fried, grilled, and sugary foods, which in large quantities may induce cancer cells to wake up.② Don’t be greedy for cold and hot, cold and cold food is bad for gastrointestinal health, easy to affect the absorption of nutrition, which is not conducive to cancer.Hot food, itself is suspected of inducing cancer, more to refrain from intake.③ Reasonable collocation, the right diet, should be meat, vegetables, fruits, coarse grains to intake, so that the nutrition is more comprehensive, and nutrition supplement enough, the body’s immunity will be good, cancer cells are not easy to go and return.(4) eating habits are better, it is not recommended to eat too fast and too full, these two kinds of behavior, are not conducive to health, there will be damage to health, the body of cancer patients itself is weak, if you do not pay attention to eating habits, it is likely to let cancer cells have the opportunity to come back, 3.Regularly review cancer after treatment, get a good treatment effect, but that doesn’t mean you safe, still should pay attention to follow-up, periodic review, to understand the physical condition to have an exception occurs, once appear abnormal, can timely treatment, to prevent the spread of cancer cells in a wide range of, treatment can become very difficult.At least in five years, to review once a year, five years after the review can be 2-3 years, no matter how can not ignore review.Recurrence of cancer, is equal to the cancer again and again to go an anti-cancer, if found in a timely manner, perhaps can quickly away from cancer, if found, not in time treatment will become not easy, whether can scrounge a life, also is unknown, besides, to bear more pain, therefore, cancer treatment, be sure to do a good job in prevention of recurrence and metastasis.References: 1. 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