On the first working day of the New Year, we will accelerate the development of AI enterprises

2022-07-13 0 By

On February 7, according to the city’s “promoting development and maintaining security” big visits, screening job requirements and informationization committee work deployment, economic informationization committee Wu Jincheng led visit, director of the research on economic hamming slightly artificial intelligence (group) co., LTD., Shanghai heaven and earth intelligent technology co., LTD., and communicate with enterprises, head of the discussion, a comprehensive understanding of enterprise development.Yu Linwei, member of the Standing Committee of Xuhui District Committee and deputy District Governor, participated in relevant research.Wu jincheng mainly listened to the development situation, product application status and future research direction of Millward Brown Artificial Intelligence (Group) Co., LTD and Shanghai Tianrang Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.Wu jincheng pointed out that AI enterprises are an important driver of Shanghai’s digital transformation and an important engine to promote high-quality industrial development.It is necessary to take the mega city scenario as the traction, improve the technical hard strength and solution maturity, and promote the landing of intelligent business.Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology will always pay attention to the development demands of enterprises, constantly improve the accuracy and satisfaction of services, and help artificial intelligence enterprises to develop in Shanghai with high quality.Millward Brown, founded in 2006, is a leading one-stop enterprise ai product and service platform in China, a pioneer of the new generation of data in China and a national open innovation platform for the new generation of ARTIFICIAL intelligence.Founded in 2016, Tianrangai is committed to helping customers efficiently deal with optimization and decision-making problems in complex scenarios with the world’s leading AI technology with independent intellectual property rights as the core.The TRFold protein structure prediction model developed by Tianglan Intelligent represents the first step in the field of computational biology in China.Responsible comrades of the office of municipal Economic and Information Commission and artificial Intelligence Development Department participated in the survey.