Ranger: I don’t feel lonely during the Spring Festival

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At 8 am on New Year’s Eve, Wang Gang, 38, and his colleagues set out for the mountains with white bread and standard time.Wang gang, who has worked as a forester for 18 years, chose to forgo reunions with his family this year, as he did in previous years, and climbed the familiar mountain again, making patrols along the way, Posting fire signs and responding to fire hazards.Walking on the morning clean mountain road, looking at the smoke curling up under the mountain, Wang Gang was very calm, he said he liked the feeling of taking peace in such a noisy.As he continued to walk up the hill, seeing all too familiar sights, Wang said it had become an enjoyment for him.Wang Gang joined the forestry system in 2004 and is now a forest ranger at banfang House Management and Protection Station of Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve Administration in Shaanxi Province.Board house management station will be located in zhouzhi county board town, with staff a total of nine members, cadres responsible for area 15075 hectares (226125 acres) of forest management, east and adjacent AnJiaQi station of the management, the girder of the south qinling border with Buddha mountain nature reserve, the west connected with thick Zhen child management station, north with thick Zhen is bounded state ecological forest farm, the jurisdiction of the per capita area is large;The area has lush forests, with a forest coverage rate of 98%.Clear water, steep mountains, giant panda, golden monkey, takin, leopard, black bear and other national key protection animals throughout the region.Carry out routine patrol, responsibility patrol and inspection patrol for no less than 12 times. Meanwhile, set up infrared cameras, collect data, replace infrared camera batteries, do a good job in forest disease and insect pest control, forest fire prevention monitoring and early warning publicity, and crack down on illegal and criminal activities that destroy wildlife resources…These are Wang Gang’s daily work.Wang gang started working and hasn’t left the mountain for 28 years.”Others are shopping, our daily work is in the mountains.”‘In the past, when transportation was difficult, they could only patrol the mountains through two legs,’ Mr. Wang said. ‘A pair of shoes was scrapped in less than a month.’Until now, it is still necessary to patrol on foot for a long time in forest areas where some vehicles are difficult to travel but there are fire hazards due to rugged mountain roads.So busy, Wang Gang has to go around the mountains for several days and nights, driving and hiking nearly dozens of kilometers every day.The work of the forest ranger is always with the mountains, dancing with the mountains, no signal, no shopping mall, no entertainment;Open the door is a mountain, full of trees;Less time with people, more time with trees;From an outsider’s point of view, life as a ranger can be lonely.And in the eyes of wang gang, rangers work challenging, the most attractive place is all he can contact with nature, especially in the remote mountains, isolated, where he could see the scenery of ordinary people see, in him there is belong to rangers xanadu, his job is to for more people to protect this rare beauty.”Banfang is the hometown of golden monkeys. Although I have not been able to see them with my own eyes during my mountain tour, I have been lucky enough to see wild giant pandas, tako, leopard and forest musk deer in the images collected from the infrared camera.”Guarding castle Peak is the best way to tell castle Peak in the work of the Spring Festival, Wang Gang has been accustomed to.This year he has to stick to the post from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day, but he never said hard, keep castle peak is his way to love castle peak confession.”It’s our busiest time when others are on holiday.Wang gang told reporters that in recent years, as forestry authorities have stepped up publicity and protection efforts, villagers have become more aware of protecting and loving forests, and the phenomenon of man-made deforestation is becoming less and less.”For us, the more holidays, the more we should be more optimistic about the forest, especially the Spring Festival such as the fire season, not to be taken lightly.”He said that to protect the 220,000 mu of green mountains in the station’s area is to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.For to do a good job of forest fire prevention during the Spring Festival, board house management station implement all-weather garrick forest protection, defend, and strictly enforce fire zero reporting system, also do a good job in forest fire prevention publicity education, with a variety of forms out forest fire vehicle into the forest, the extensive publicity in forest areas marked place to post publicity slogans, and within the administrative villages in GuanHu District distribute the brochure,At the same time, the working mode of “Internet + resource protection” is used to combine advanced scientific and technological achievements with resource protection, scientific research monitoring and forest fire prevention work, and establish a three-dimensional monitoring network, so as to effectively achieve the “responsibility of soil conservation and proper management and protection”.Another special task for Wang gang during this year’s Spring Festival is epidemic prevention and control.According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, he needs to pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic, maintain good personal protection, and do a good job in the publicity of the three administrative villages in the management and protection zone.On New Year’s Eve, Wang gang and the station master returned from their mountain tour in the afternoon. They went from village to village again, reminding the villagers not to move around and gather together during the Spring Festival.After finishing their work, they went back to the station to fill in the diary for the day, then lit a cigarette and smoked.”While others can smoke when they are bored, we must not even take cigarettes with us at work. We can only have a smoke in the smoking area of the station.”Wang Gang said while beginning to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner, the reporter saw their New Year’s Eve dinner is actually just the day before the dumplings.Night falls slowly, the lights of thousands of families, Wang Gang will also usher in the New Year in the tour of the mountains, he and all stick to the front line of the forest rangers know that their guard is not only the Qinling Mountain forest, but also not far from the bright lights of the city……Chief reporter Gong Weifang