Tekken: When Kim Fook mei meets her big brother again, tragedy begins

2022-07-13 0 By

There used to be two bullies in Chinatown, the Kings and the Pongs.But the Kims were the first to be knocked down, and that’s no surprise, because the Kims are such a black sheep.One of the most scandalous is the young King.This guy not only in the gold after the defeat, did not think of revenge, but took refuge in peng, do their own father’s enemies lackey.They say a shameless man is invincible.Kim’s so shameless, is he really invincible?After he joined the Peng family, unfortunately, the Peng family soon ended.He used to run away with a sum of money, but the bad guy quickly ran out of money and became addicted to drugs.This time Jinfumei met the black sheep brother, also be their own bad luck.If it were not for the so-called eldest brother repeatedly hurt himself, Jin Fumei’s life would be much better.But Jin fumei still has some feelings for her big brother, so she helps him out again.But this kindness, like previous acts of kindness, pushed Kim fu-mei into the fire.