The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice to strictly regulate the publicity of cultural and art training and enrollment

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For further implement the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China and the State Council general office on the further reduce the compulsory education stage student’s opinions on homework burden and external training, improving the quality of compulsory education phase cultural arts school training, improve the quality of the primary and middle school students’ art accomplishment and comprehensive, the culture and tourism has to do a good job of cultural art school training management related notice.The main contents are as follows:A, improving ideological understanding from the political height deep understanding to reduce compulsory education stage student work burden and off-campus training (hereinafter referred to as the “ShuangJian”) work significance, in-depth analysis of “ShuangJian” under the background of promoting students’ all-round development and healthy growth of culture and arts agencies at various levels and puts forward new mission, new tasks and new requirements, in the socialist core values, for leading,The specification culture art school training management and carrying forward inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture, promote the protection of intangible cultural heritage, promote the cultural and artistic quality, enrich the grassroots culture life work as a whole to consider, such as more effective system for the release of culture and tourism professional talents, facilities, the social benefits of cultural and art resources, including standard specification,We will better meet the people’s demand for quality cultural and art training resources and high-quality cultural services.Second, the implementation of department division conscientiously implement the work about “ShuangJian” the overall deployment of the region and decision-making arrangements, work actively, fully embody the culture and tourism sector in the implementation of the “ShuangJian” bear responsibility department task division of Labour, do can bear all responsibility, to carry out the “khalid ents” fundamental task, give top priority to social benefits, strictly implement the responsibility system for ideological work,Fully cooperate with the leading department to do a good job in the supervision and management of the field of culture and art off-campus training.We shall strictly regulate the publicity of cultural and art training outside the school, and shall not induct students by promising to pass any form of cultural and art level test or examination.Has clearly by the department of culture and tourism as a cultural arts training departments outside the region, culture and tourism departments at all levels should be completed as soon as possible, and education departments related work handover, strengthen the work organization guarantee and mechanism construction, stepped up efforts to formulate the region culture, arts training institutions outside the standards for examination and approval conditions and measures for the administration, and be submitted to the provincial department of culture and tourism for the record.If the education department has been designated as the competent department of out-of-school cultural and art training in the region, the culture and tourism departments at all levels shall actively cooperate with the relevant work.Iii. Strengthen basic research Actively carry out research and survey on the basic situation of cultural and art off-campus training in the region, and deeply understand the number, distribution, nature, scale, hardware conditions, teachers, teaching materials, training content, fees, evaluation and existing problems of training institutions.The opinions and suggestions of grassroots cultural and tourism departments and related cultural and art enterprises and institutions on standardizing the management of cultural and art training institutions outside school and promoting the healthy development of cultural and art training institutions outside school are widely listened to, so as to lay a solid foundation for strengthening the management of cultural and art training outside school by the department or cooperating with the education department.Iv. Providing professional support To exert the professional support and guarantee role in the establishment of standards and approval for the establishment of cultural and art training institutions outside the school, and cooperate with the education department to strengthen the research on the law of artistic growth of teenagers.Expert verification and professional control should be carried out on the basic hardware conditions of training places, training conditions of teachers, security measures and course content setting involved in different cultural and art categories.Adhere to the administration in accordance with the law In cooperation with the cultural and art training management work related to adhere to the administration in accordance with the law, according to rules and disciplines.Actively cooperate with local authorities to clarify the legal and regulatory basis for the examination and approval and supervision of non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions as well as the list of departments’ rights and responsibilities, and formulate supervision requirements during and after the event and corresponding disposal measures.We will step up efforts to push local governments to further clarify the safety responsibilities of non-disciplinary out-of-school training management, and establish a bottom line for the safety of out-of-school cultural and art training.Cultural and tourism departments at all levels should earnestly improve their understanding and take the implementation of the “double reduction” division of responsibilities as a long-term and important work.The Ministry will fully cooperate with the education department to fulfill its responsibilities, strengthen the guidance, supervision and inspection of the implementation of local work, and timely summarize and popularize the advanced experience and typical practices formed in the work.Beijing Youth Daily