There are gullies in my heart, and I paint mountains and rivers

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In the heart of the gully, pen painting mountains and rivers!Welcome spring na Fu to everyone happy New Year!Happy New Year to you all![Fist][fist][fist] Read history wise: the eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty zhao Ji is the eleventh emperor of the Song God zong, love art and beauty can only love jiangshan, thin gold calligraphy atatures later generations can only hope it.But alternated, and he reigned twenty-five years, the painting is obsession, drum and cultivate a large number of painters, bei don’t be jealous of real talent, do their best to cultivate the painter, the painter status to an unprecedented height, with the support of the emperor under guidance, Wang Ximeng “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” and later the qingming festival on the painting “was born, and for nearly one thousand years.