Tsinghua professor’s “real salary” leaked out, only to stir up controversy, but the comment section changed taste

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Tsinghua Beijing university, in our country in domestic household names, thus there are a lot of students since the childhood dream is to go to school to go to these two universities, but the discovery after, go to the university to go to school is not an easy thing, is the first among the students may be admitted, so on tsinghua Beijing university to become a lot of students to imagine things, but also have a lot of people are curious,The university outstanding Tsinghua Peking University, in the salary of the professor how, should be very good.Tsinghua professor “salary”, real wages are controversial, but comments area changed teachers’ salaries in different areas have different, but the teacher’s salary has made a lot of people envy, what’s more, a professor in the university, especially famous university in our country at tsinghua university in Beijing, so many people curious also is very normal things, but in the near future,Article, a tsinghua university professor “wage”, disputed by netizens may be in a lot of people in the cognitive, a big cities as Beijing, in Beijing, a professor at the salary is not low, at the very least, there are tens of thousands of, salary of hundreds of thousands of should is not the problem, after all, Beijing, the big city, and famous universities, has a high salary is also a very normal thing,But a tsinghua university professor sun’s article “wage”, real wages are controversial, as follows: as you can see from the picture, all the benefits together will have 15000 yuan, but after some relevant fees, pay only 8000 yuan, so make net friend, is a professor at the university so much salary, is that true?Some netizens said: “This salary is only the basic school punch card salary, how can the real salary be shown?Isn’t that looking for trouble for yourself?”Another netizen said: “Professors in universities have their own research projects, laboratories or research institutes.And their papers and published journals, etc., also have a substantial income and bonuses.In addition, some professors working in universities are academicians, who also enjoy subsidies from the government, so the total salary is very high.”This is the real salary level of a professor, while the income on campus is just the tip of the iceberg, which really increases knowledge.Another user said: ‘How can I put it?Professor this is only a salary, the income is several times or even ten times of this, do not refute, refute will only show your ignorance, I am a university teacher, very clear, our unit of professors, annual income is less than 500,000 yuan are embarrassed to speak, because less than this number is their own ability.One of my neighbors, an associate professor, had more than 2 million yuan last year and said his income was low because of the epidemic.”Another netizen said: “A few years ago, a tsinghua university teacher was cheated of 15 million yuan. At that time, they all said that the professor had so much money, but now they say that they have too little money?Is it true?”Finally whether wages are true or false, is the teacher’s pay, is because of the upfront investment acquired at the back of the harvest, no early efforts and hard work, there will be no consequences of income, so don’t envy, not jealousy, but have to do is do now of oneself, I do not know what do you think about it, welcome to leave a message exchange.The above is today’s share, I hope to help some parents and students, if you need help, you can leave a comment below, Miss Guo will reply to you as soon as possible.If you like Miss Guo’s article, you can also click a “attention” oh!Ms. Guo will continue to publish articles to provide you with quality information and accompany parents and students on their way to education.What do you think about this and what do you need to pay attention to?Welcome to write your concerns in the comments section, I will be a follow-up topic, I hope to create more content that you like.# Education message