Vegetable management cultivation techniques for beans

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Beans can be planted in spring and summer, generally in spring planting, open field cultivation in spring, is the main cultivation way of beans.Planting beans before preparing the spring sowing, generally choose the winter unused land, the need for land consolidation in advance, generally about 10 days before sowing, in the fields and farmyard manure or organic manure, cake fertilizer, as recommended, fertilizer, adjust measures to local conditions according to the condition of the land and the soil fertility and fertilizer decision, after fertilization of land for agriculture, make the soil loose, and then do strip levelling, facilitate irrigation,As rain increases in spring and summer, drainage channels should also be built for later drainage.Seeding method spring beans method, generally there are two, the first direct open field cultivation, the cultivation to about three days before the frost-free period and shallow Mark Twain to sow in more than 10 degrees Celsius, another way of planting is covering plastic film, plastic membrane could increase soil temperature and humidity, make beans can germinate and grow quickly.No matter which method, when sowing, if the soil moisture content is appropriate, soil moisture is good, you can not water, open the trench live, if the soil is dry, you can open the trench watering, if the planting or sowing water after sealing ditch.In seedling transplanting, can be first ditch planting seedlings, after watering covered soil ditch, cultivation density varies by species.Temperature difference in temperature is bigger, field management spring beans after sowing, if there is a lack of seedling phenomenon DuanLong or dead plants, to fill the gaps with seedlings in a timely manner to check seedlings, the seedling period and growth period, the machine is to be in a timely manner weeding hoe can make loose soil, increase soil permeability, so as to promote the growth of beans root system, in time to root out the weeds of the field, to prevent the loss of soil nutrients,Thus affecting the growth of bean seedlings, in the case of adequate moisture, generally do not water in the seedling period, if the amount of water is too large, easy to make seedlings rot.Topdressing is mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer. If organic fertilizer is used, it can be spread between rows or applied in shallow trenches. After fertilization, it should be watered in time to promote the rapid growth of roots and stems.(To love)