What kind of bike?Is Wuling Hongguang MINIEV bad?

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In 2021, the annual penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 14.8%, and according to authoritative structure statistics, the annual penetration rate of new energy vehicles in 2022 is expected to reach 23%.Through such data we can find that new energy vehicles are more and more recognized by consumers.The popularity of new energy vehicles makes them the primary choice for many consumers in their daily commuting.So, how does the new energy scooter perform?Don’t worry, let’s take hongguang MINIEV as an example to introduce this “walking tool”.The price of Hongguang MINIEV is not very high. Its price is not too difficult for most people to afford, even college students who often have part-time jobs can afford it.This will invisibly expand the audience of Hongguang MINIEV and make it easier to be accepted by consumers.As for the sales volume, hongguang MINIEV has sold more than 500,000 cars in total since its launch in July 2020, and the monthly sales volume of Hongguang MINIEV has reached more than 50,000 units, which means that more than 1,000 people buy Hongguang MINIEV on average every day.In terms of appearance design, a low-priced starting model will not have too many complex design structures, which helps to reduce manufacturing costs.However, this does not mean that Hongguang MINIEV is not beautiful in design. On the contrary, Wuling has made a clever choice in design. The body lines of Hongguang MINIEV are relatively straight and simple, but the edges and corners of the body are very smooth, forming a contrast between edges and lines.The car also has a floating roof, which was blackened in the middle of the B-pillar to separate the roof from the body.Not only that, Hongguang MINIEV also supports trendy innovation. Wuling supports users to DIY hongguang MINIEV, allowing car owners to make their cars into the way they like, shaping the trendy innovation culture of Hongguang MINIEV.The size of Hongguang MINIEV is not very large, with a length of 2917mm, a width of 1493mm and a wheelbase of 1940mm.The Hongguang MINIEV doesn’t seem appealing to Chinese consumers who want a lot of space when buying a car.However, the advantage of a small body is not the space inside the car, but its flexibility.Driving in big cities, we often encounter the problem of finding parking Spaces. The small-sized Hongguang MINIEV can basically start and stop at any time, which is the advantage of hongguang MINIEV when taking a ride.Also, the MINIEV’s interior space is a bit smaller, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room.In its interior, it still has a four-seater layout and child safety seat ports, which are good enough for most travel scenarios on short trips.In terms of power endurance, Hongguang MINIEV is equipped with a rear-mounted single motor with a total power of 20kW and a peak torque of 85 N · m, and adopts a rear-drive structure.This power parameter is not very strong, but the size of the MINIEV itself is also small, so it is not necessary to worry about the MINIEV running out of power when driving. It is ok to run 60 yards in the city and 80 yards at high speed if you need to run.As for the range, the Hongguang MINIEV offers 120km and 170km range options.Compared to most electric cars, the Hongguang MINIEV’s range is relatively short, like the Chery Ant’s. In fact, it has a range of just over 300 kilometers.But we need to know that the threshold of entry for Chery Ants has already exceeded 60,000 yuan.In addition, Hongguang MINIEV, which aims at short trips, does not have a great demand for long endurance. 95% of users choose Hongguang MINIEV only for short trips within 20 kilometers.In addition, Hongguang MINIEV supports 220V charging, which can be charged with a household socket, and it is also convenient to supplement the battery life.In a word, hongguang MINIEV’s product strength is not particularly outstanding. Its size, power and endurance are all normal. However, it is precisely these shortcomings in the eyes of ordinary people that make it suitable for mobility and become the “national mobility scooter”.