Xi Big pu Ben!The International Skating Federation rejected the appeal of South Korea and Hungary overnight, defending the Chinese champion

2022-07-13 0 By

Ren Ziwei, 24, won the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday night, giving China its second gold medal at the Games.The South Korean team and Hungary team respectively after the game on Hwang Daheon and Liu Shaolin were judged to be foul appeals, but were rejected by the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation.A statement on the OFFICIAL website of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation (ISU) said that the isU’s short track speed skating chief judge received two appeals during the Beijing 2022 Short track speed skating event on Feb 7.The statement said the South Korean team filed a complaint against Hwang Dae-heon for a foul in the 1,000m semifinal, which resulted in the top favourite being disqualified from the final.Hungary appealed liu shaolin’s yellow card in the group A 1,000m final, A decision that led to liu’s gold medal loss.Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea was disqualified for foul play in the semifinals last night.In response, Yonhap news agency said the South Korean side said it had suffered an “unfair penalty” and lodged a complaint.The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation rejected the claim in a statement, noting that Hwang had been penalized for “overstepping violation resulting in contact,” as announced on a video screen at the arena.In the final of Group A, Hungary’s Liu Shaolin and Ren Ziwei finally crossed the line one after another. Liu shaolin made A foul crosscut in the sprint, pushing Ren ziwei out of the blue line.After the referee after the video replay judgment liu Shaolin foul yellow card, cancel the result.In a statement, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation also rejected the appeal, as it announced on the arena’s video screen that Liu had received a yellow card for two penalties in the same match.The first was for “contact resulting from an inside-out lane change in the straight” and the second for “arm blocking an opponent at the finish line”.The statement also noted that the referee had confirmed that the appeal had been rejected in accordance with article 123, paragraphs 4 and 5 of the GENERAL Rules of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation.In accordance with the principles applicable to the competition, appeals against disqualification decisions of (referee) officials for breach of any competition rules are not allowed.The referee has reviewed the incident again with the video referee and stands by his decision.In response, Chinese netizens said, “The world has been suffering for a long time.” “Don’t those who violated the rules know there are cameras?””Replay the video of them and put it on a loop in the Olympic Village.” “A foul is a foul, and an appeal is just an excuse for failure, just like the men’s soccer players who shoot with an anti-aircraft gun and immediately bow their heads and pretend to be weird turf.” “Cheetahs are for fair and just punishment.Clean and clean to win the gold medal “” On the high-definition lens can not foul and break the defense of this matter” “have the face to appeal?””Hungary which face to explain ah” “China team won the championship with dignity” “the video is clear, but also can not recognize the reality” “do not speak martial virtue of the people should let the rules judge him” “a dozen 4K HIGH-DEFINITION mobile cameras are decoration?To put it bluntly, it is to protect you Koreans.”