17 kinds of lianas suitable for garden planting in Northern Jiangsu and Southern Shandong

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Ling Xiao ling Xiao is naturally strong and warm;Have a certain cold resistance;Growth like full sunshine, but also more shade tolerance;In saline-alkali barren soil can also grow normally, but the growth with deep fertile, good drainage of micro acid soil as well.Neutral of fructus schisandrae chinensis, cold resistance is strong, shallow root sex, drought and water wet, deciduous, milky white or pink flowers, fragrant, flowering may, fruit red, September 8 – changchun mucuna Yin, like light, happy event is wet and warm humid climate, strong adaptability, hardy, resistance to drought and barren, the soil is relaxed, happy deep, fertile soil, good drainage and osteoporosis.Clematis likes the alkaline loam with fertile, good drainage, avoid water accumulation or summer drought and the soil that cannot keep water.Strong cold resistance, can withstand -20 low temperature.Red spider or leaf – eating pests need to strengthen ventilation.It is widely distributed, cold and drought resistant, and has lax requirements on soil.It grows best when planted in leeward, sunny, moist, well-drained fertile sandy loam, or if planted in half shade.Neutral, cold resistant, strong, deciduous, yellow-green flowers, red and yellow autumn leaves, bright yellow capsules, more beautiful after cracking, like warm and humid environment, like sunshine, also shade resistant.In abundant rainfall, cloud, soil and air humidity conditions, the plant growth is robust.Strong adaptability to soil, acid, alkali and neutral soil can grow normally, can be cultivated in sand and stone, limestone mountain, suitable for loose, fertile sandy loam growth, suitable temperature of 15-30℃.Wood is fond of sunshine, also bear half shade, more cold-resistant, suitable for the fertile and wet ground with good drainage.Winter can be overwintered in open fields in most areas of north China.The requirements of the soil is not strict, drought resistance, barren resistance, but planting in deep soil layer, loose, fertile and moist and unobstructed drainage of the soil is better growth, but also in the normal growth of heavy soil.Not resistant to moisture, avoid standing water.Multiflowered rose like light, half shade resistance, cold resistance, the soil requirements are not strict, in the sticky heavy soil can also grow normally.Tolerance of barren, avoid low-lying water.With fertile, loose micro acid soil is best.Light-loving plants grow normally or well in full sunlight, but grow abnormally or even die in shade.Trilobites like wet, cold, in the slightly acidic, humic yellow loam grow well, can also adapt to neutral soil.Honeysuckle has strong adaptability. Honeysuckle has strong adaptability. It likes sun, shade tolerance, cold resistance, drought resistance and water dampness.Ocean ivy is widely grown all over the world.Like warm and humid environment, resistant to shade, cold, not resistant to heat, can withstand 2-3℃ of low temperature, more than 30℃ growth easy stagnation.Lax requirements for soil, like loose neutral and slightly acidic loam, drought resistance, moisture resistance.Be afraid of sunshine exposure, with half shade or bright light as well.Chinese ivy is extremely shade tolerant and can also grow in good light.Like warm, humid environment, slightly cold, short -5 ~ -7℃ low temperature.Not tall to soil requirement, but like fecund loose soil.Wisteria positive, slightly resistant to Yin, hardy, strong adaptability, fallen leaves, fallen leaves, flowers and purple pansy, flowering vine vines Chinese rose in April, climbing growth form, developed root system, strong resistance, shoot germination rapidly, growing strong, germination YiZhu years major branch 7 ~ 8, each major branch and open branch, growing years at up to 8 meters, has a strong disease-resistant ability.Extensive management, resistant to pruning, rich flower shape, blooming all seasons, gorgeous, bold and unrestrained, lasting flowering, rich aroma.Kiwi positive, slightly shade tolerant, deciduous, yellow white flowers, June, aroma, fruit yellow brown, snake grape negative in September, warm, woody vines, strong branches.