Business idea: countless bosses without degrees, but become the boss of people with degrees!

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A person’s position, decided a person needs the knowledge system, and a person’s knowledge system, decided his future living condition!The knowledge a person has determines where he or she is going, and where he or she is going determines what kind of information he or she is going to get, and the information we have determines the way we are going, and so on, step by step, spiral upward!What kind of knowledge does knowledge have?The first is invalid knowledge.For example, TV series, variety shows and so on, all the things produced by the media are mostly ineffective. They are just spreading this emotion, making people get absorbed in it, consuming and wasting people’s energy and time, which are all false.You see these things, are someone else let you see, is already processed and modified appearance, illusion.Under these appearances, false appearances, there must be another truth, another real purpose, these real purpose, is to make everyone eat melon masses!What’s more, even if it’s real, by the time you see it, it’s already gone and has no value. It’s a waste of your life.Daily immersed in network news, film and television variety shows or all kinds of entertainment, his knowledge structure is not enough to support him to build a high-level cognitive system.Although got a lot of information, but, these information, let a person can not distinguish what is the truth, illusion, it is easy to fall into the trap of breeding, become a captive sheep, a lifetime in the sheep circle, a lifetime is wool collected!This is rootless learning, no matter how much you read or learn, it’s just a waste of time and money.The second is knowledge of skills.The knowledge of skills is mainly learned in school and work.School is a place where skills and professions are taught. School teaches us basic skills and knowledge, just the basics.Going to college is to allow you to survive in the society, have a skill only, not go to college can change one’s fate.After finishing college, I was still ignorant, just with some basic skills.However, after coming out of school, we have just started to set foot in social university, which is the real university.What do you do in college?The most important thing is to learn to learn, to learn to learn automatically, unfortunately, a lot of people graduated from university, no longer study!How can you keep up with the progress of society?In fact, from the school is the beginning of the real social university!There’s more to learn!Schools are never responsible for people’s future and destiny. Schools are mainly responsible for “discipline”.School is like a factory, assembly line, mass production copy of professional skills and knowledge, the difference is only, learn more and less knowledge, a good school out of a higher salary, you can go to work in a big factory, your knowledge is almost, you go to a bad place to work.That’s the difference!As for learning from other social colleges?Let there be no illusions.Why do you say so? Because the role of teachers in the society is to transfer professional skills, and their knowledge structure and social cognition level are also at a medium and low level in the society.To be successful, one must have a very good family education and self-awareness.Learning and time to learn, is not a joy!Study to preview, study to review, but also practice, but also to develop a good learning habits, this is more important.But?Many people learn less, learn less, let alone practice, can have good skills?Skills are just the basis of our survival in society, if even the basic skills are not, how to live a good life.And the higher level of knowledge and cognitive ability, teachers don’t understand, parents don’t understand.For example, we’ll talk about knowledge later.The third is business knowledge.Business knowledge is no one to teach you, the school will not teach you, no one in the company to teach you, because most people are not all talented, can only speak from a certain Angle and you know what he knows, and others make money of the core things, must not tell you, because, but also rely on you to try to make money!If you come from an average family and have never run a business, it is unlikely that your parents will teach you, and if they do, it will only be their limited opinions!Because they can’t either.At this time, if you do not take the initiative to pay attention to, learning, the final result, of course, is that you continue to parents for a lifetime, repeat their life!Why is business knowledge hard to come by?On the one hand, it is impossible for most ordinary people to have access to business knowledge, because most people are afraid of risks and have a great fear of risks, so as to avoid them. Even if you see business information, you will be extremely repellent and choose not to see it.Why would you be afraid of these, because do not understand, there will be risks!A master takes risks, not fears them.On the other hand, with the rapid development of The Times and the continuous emergence and replacement of new ways of profit, it is very difficult to survive without advancing with The Times.Now is the Internet era, we media era, short video era, live broadcast era.Many people say that the Internet is a virtual industry, not the real industry, speak out these words, all laugh to death, do not speak good, speak out will only make people feel that such people are still living in the soil, climb out of the ditch.Now the Internet industry, to make a lot of money, can make money in the industry, is the industry, real to no longer real, but also virtual, ridiculous ridiculous!The Internet has become a traditional industry, the Internet has become the foundation of each industry, the Internet can link all kinds of information, resources, capital, all business can be completed online!However, if we only know the surface of the Internet, if you have never touched the knowledge, or just look at these things, you will feel unreliable.So, countless traditional bosses are lamenting, how can this gang ghost be so empty, not doing a proper job?In fact, who does not work?It is this group of traditional old disengaged, holding the unprofitable enterprises in the dead dry dry dry, still do not reflect on?Also repelled, obviously can not keep pace with The Times, can only rely on foolhardy, certainly not rich.The fourth is knowledge of how society works.This is the kind of knowledge that the average person has almost no access to on television, on the news, in books, in schools, or anywhere else in your life.If it is not passed down from family to family, it is difficult to know by individuals, because these things require a lot of social experience and reading a lot of books and personal thinking.You need to have a lot of social experience, a lot of reading, and personal thinking, because people have subjective preferences. If you don’t want to see information, you will choose not to see it, no matter how big it is, you will also choose not to see it.When you know you, you are not you, because you do not know you, so you can settle down to live the present muddle through life!If you knew what you really needed, you would hate yourself. Why don’t you realize it now?There are also a lot of powerful people, very early on to this level of knowledge awareness.Such people are lucky, and their life achievements are often much larger than average.Most of us may never understand the world as it really is, only to get lost in the vast and complex flow of information, indulge in a circle of ideas, and then crawl out of there.Some people have good reincarnation ability, born in the upper strata of society;Most people are not so lucky, and some people, even worse, are not only born poor, but also abandoned!This is the random attribute of life, seemingly unfair, in fact, the most fair, no envy, no self-pity, this is the need to accept fate.Reborn good, a birth can take the fairy tale dream, live a good life.Reincarnation is not good, if you do not improve social cognition, that life is more miserable.If you don’t want to work hard, then you have to practice a ability, is the ability of reincarnation!If there is no good reincarnation ability, that oneself must practice good investment own ability, otherwise, accept fate!However, the reality is often the opposite, the way of god, not enough damage and more than repair.The higher up you are, the more you try to improve your social and business knowledge;People at the bottom are more likely to be addicted to entertainment, games and news, ignorant of the truth of society.Therefore, as the boss of this group, we must have such awareness, you should not be afraid of your low educational background, because reading is learning, we do business or entrepreneurship is also a kind of learning.And to go into business is more important to learn, to learn by doing, to learn by business, a lot of people don’t go to college, but, they do well in business, mainly learn by doing.Entrepreneurship, business, most of the time is not to learn well and then to do, but to do up and then learn, do is to learn.Because you did a business, start a business, there will be skills, when you do a long time, your skills are skilled, skill makes perfect, perfect can make wonderful, wonderful can make beautiful!Therefore, we reflect on and ponder over our current situation.On the other hand, experience more and think more.When you encounter something you don’t understand, don’t move your emotions first, but think about why things develop the way they do, what is its internal logic, and what is the essence behind it.Why people say and do the things they do, and what drives their thinking and behavior.As long as you are good at observing and thinking, you will find that people and things around you gradually become transparent.This is fundamentally learning, learning with roots, not much, but better and better day by day understand, this is a boss should have the concept!So there will be countless bosses without degrees, but become the boss of people with degrees!Because the boss is learning the fundamentals of business, and most people’s learning, are rootless learning, hungrily everywhere to learn, learn much, can only be used by the fate of people!Excerpt: Yu Dao said business official account!