Can skin care products really solve skin problems?The skin that’s left is nothing

2022-07-14 0 By

On the Internet, people often ask: what products to use for dry skin, what skin care products to use for 20 years old, is there any affordable skin care products recommended?A series of questions, and I’m not here, for example, a see recommend me most is product question, I usually can only answer a few questions, like questions about parity, brand these don’t answer, these questions about the words “skin care” nothing to understand, more won’t understand the function of the skin, as if the skin is just a decoration,Only skin care products are useful.Most people always have some bad habits, when they encounter skin problems, they will only buy products, as if any skin problems can be solved by skin care products.Now there are many products on the market, all kinds of moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging essence, facial mask, spray…Want to have what kind of product to wait a moment, give everybody below the phenomenon that relies on a product in a few lives, oneself can compare whether can solve a problem really: 1, can the milk that has discharge makeup function discharge makeup really?2, the skin is dry on frequent spray water spray, can really moisturize.3. Applying moisturizing facial mask every day can solve the problem of dry skin?4, cuticle thick often have to exfoliate, use frosted products?5. Can anti-aging products really fight aging?6, whitening freckle cream can solve the freckle problem?7. Is freeze-dried powder really an all-round product?8, sunscreen products can really sunscreen?Is there really no card powder, no makeup makeup products?10, sensitive muscle sleeve box can really repair your sensitive muscles?…The examples above are all the problems we often encounter in our daily life. If there is any problem that you can solve after using it, you should sum it up by yourself. Besides, medical beauty is so developed now that many people do medical beauty if they cannot solve it.The biggest difference between medical beauty and skin care is that one is staged and the other is continuous. All medical beauty projects are staged and cannot last for long. This is also why I heard that medical beauty is addictive, which seems to be true.Skin care is a lasting effect, slower but longer lasting.Skin itself has metabolic function, whether whitening, acne, sensitive muscle can be completed by the skin’s own metabolism, skin care products do not have these functions, it is only a supplement, if you can really solve the skin problem, let the skin sleep, by skin care products to solve the problem.Why bother researching skin structure, skin care ingredients, and formulas?No product leaves the skin, no matter what cell it is or what amino acid it is, without the skin it is a product that does nothing, it solves nothing.Skin care products themselves have no effect. Only the skin they touch can make them effective or ineffective. No matter how good the publicity is, we must make clear the relationship between skin care products and skin.I am peng elder brother, try to analyze skin care knowledge, like to pay attention to me, the achievement of every woman who love beauty.