Do I need to bring my own helmet to use shared e-bikes?| electric bicycle awareness month

2022-07-14 0 By

“Hebei province electric bicycle management regulations” and “Hebei province electric bicycle registration provisions” will be formally implemented on May 1, the public security traffic control department is for electric bicycle registration work nervously prepared, on electric bicycle management little knowledge, partners to learn together!Daily q&a daily warning on September 7, 2021, baoding quyang constant state of hospital xi huan road sections, a woman driving electric bicycle inclined wearing highway, while is straight white small cars on the road did not slow down give way, electric bicycle collision with white small cars, strong impact force moment will electric bicycle flying several meters.The driver of the electric bicycle was overturned and hit the ground heavily. He suffered serious head injuries because he did not wear a safety helmet, but died after rescue efforts.Statement: Material transferred from “Hebei Traffic police micro release”, thanks here!Traffic restriction for tomorrow Notice Friday, April 8, 2022 end numbers 2 and 7