How to aim a bow

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How do you aim a bow?General aiming and precise aiming can be used.No matter what kind of aiming method is adopted, the following three points need to be clear: viewpoint, viewpoint and target point.Viewpoint: That is, the line of sight is received by the eye and aimed at a baseline of brain processing.The reference point 1 between the viewpoint and the target, usually the marksman’s bow arm, string, arrowhead, shaft, and hand.Target point: In theory, the shooter can hit the reference point 2 of the target he wants to kill.In a shooting contest, including but not limited to any point on the target.According to the relationship between the above three points, various aiming techniques can be changed.Aiming is divided into general aiming and precise aiming.1. General aiming means that the viewpoint remains the same.Fixed aiming point reference point 1 determines the hit position by looking for reference point 2 of the target point to overlap with reference point 1.Actual aiming is affected by the shooter’s own mentality, posture, external lighting, and inaccurate spacing.The following aiming techniques are most commonly used in general aiming: 1.1 Bowarm Reference Point Aiming A reference is set on the bowarm and used to find the correct target point to hit the yellow heart.Narrow arcs on the arm of the bow, lines on the belly of the bow, various ox tendons, silk threads or rattan, and even lines of ox horns or wooden tires can serve as reference points for the target.It is the most commonly used technique in traditional design, 1.2 arrow, arrow shaft extension line aiming method with the arrow or arrowhead as the reference point, calculate the correct target point hit the yellow heart.These two aiming methods seem to be two aiming techniques, but the aiming principles are similar.Why arrowheads or arrowheads are purely a matter of shooters choosing glasses or using arrowhead lengths.1.3 Face range aiming method Under the condition of keeping the drawing distance and aiming position unchanged, the flight trajectory of the arrow can be adjusted by changing the rearhand’s close point, so as to achieve targets at different distances.The method is as shown in the picture below: recorded in ancient books, this shooting method is mainly used for large span distance, not suitable for modern small span distance shooting competition.2. Precise aiming means that the viewpoint remains unchanged, the reference point 2 of the target point is fixed, and the hit position is determined by finding any point on the target point 1 that overlaps with the reference point 2.In this process, the reference point 2 of the target point is generally fixed as the yellow heart (target in shooting competition), while the reference point 1 of the target point is mainly marked with precise scale.The shooter only needs to find an explicit value on reference point 1 to be more likely to hit the target point.Therefore, accurate targets are mainly mounted devices, such as rulers on modern bows, aiming pins, markers on guns, and scopes of various kinds