List of banned vehicles on Henan Expressway (published on July 19 at 7:05)

2022-07-14 0 By

The reporter learned from henan Highway Public Security Bureau that as of 7:05 on February 19, 2022, the current highway traffic situation in the province is as follows: 1.Due to the snow, all vehicles are banned from the hubei Expressway: Lingbao East Station – Zhuyangguan Station;Zheng-luan Expressway: Muzaling Station – Shuanglong Station;Yuanying Expressway: Yangshao Station – Xianmen Mountain Station;Ji-guang Expressway: Mulan Station – Shuangba Station;Jinxin Expressway: Jiaozuo West (East) station;Two – Guangzhou Expressway: Jiyuan North Railway Station;Luoluan Expressway: full line.2. Due to fog, all vehicles are banned from the station section: Lianhuo Expressway: Luoyang Station – Yanshi Station;Daguang Expressway: Changyuan Station – Fengqiu Station;Hebao High-speed: Changyuan North Station;Ril-lan Expressway: full line.3. Due to snowfall, buses and trucks with more than seven seats are prohibited to board the following sections: Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway: Changge Station – Xuchang East Station;Lianhuo Expressway: Xin ‘an Station – Yuling Station, Kaifeng East Station – Lankao Station;Daguang Expressway: Dulang Station – Moling Station;Erjiang-guangzhou Expressway: Geely Mengzhou Station – Xiatangxi Station;Ningluo high speed: Luoyang jianxi station-Yexian North Station, Tanzhuang station-paper store station;Yanluo Highway: Changzhuang station – Luyi Station, Ludian Station;Jinxin Expressway: Jiaozuo West Station – Pingyuan New District West Station;Hebao high-speed: Cypress station – Shuxian Niutun station;Shangnan Expressway: Sitong Station – Shangshui Station, Yangzhuang Station – Yinji Station;Shangdeng Expressway: Gucheng Xian Ya Station – Qixian South Station;Zhengmin Expressway: Xinghuaying Station – Qixian Station;Lannan Expressway: Erlangmiao Station – Jiuxian Station;Zheng-yun Expressway: Jiaying Guan Station – Yuntaishan Station;Zheng-luan Expressway: Changge West Station – Yao Shanxi Station;Xuan-guang Expressway: Xiangcheng Station – Wugang South Station;Anluo High-speed: Weishi West Station – Zhoukou West Station;Luolu High-speed: Zhoushan station – Shangge station;Jiluo Expressway: Mengjin West Station;Jiaotong Expressway: full line;Zhengzhou-shaoshan Expressway: full line.4. Due to the snow in Shanxi, all vehicles are prohibited to get on the road: Hebao Expressway: Shaoyuan station – Jiyuan South Station;Jiluo Expressway: Xiaolangdi North Station;Nanlin Expressway: Red Flag Canal station (out of the province), please pay attention to detour, other expressways in the province normal traffic.Henan high speed traffic police tips: in henan highway emergency, please call Henan high speed traffic police alarm phone 0371-68208110 or high speed service phone 12328 for help.