Low credit card limit, no need?NO!Cardholders should do so

2022-07-14 0 By

Credit card is very popular now, but the friend who just applied for it, but feel their limit is low, do not use it, and then start applying again.Is that right?Let’s take a look!Picture source network limit is too low credit card, almost 2000-5000 yuan, 6000-10000 yuan.The amount has 5000 credit card only, general proposal is to sell card directly, cancel door.Because the foundation is so low, it takes years to build.If you raise a card normally, it will be about 10,000 yuan after almost a year, or even less than 10,000 yuan. It takes time and cost to raise a card. Xiaobian has a credit card with an initial limit of 5,000 yuan.After canceling the card, it is best to reapply for the bank credit card half a year later;You can become a new customer six months after you close your account.Suggestions in this period pension credit, less loans, less credit cards.About 6000-10000 yuan kaka, if it is the five major banks, feel that the amount can also stay, if you want to rise higher, or cancel it, because unless provide strong financial proof, otherwise it is difficult to raise the amount.Million big line, every month consumption, personal credit no problem, almost half a year will raise the amount.However small make up still feel credit card not so high good, must be rational consumption!