New Year car to enjoy 8 heavy courtesy resources, the day can be mentioned

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Nanchang Hengxin Audi New Year shopping season when the New Year car buying enjoy 8 times of courtesy resources, the day can be raised audi all strong hui enjoy in advance!Play is the heartbeat, send enough surprise, on-site car booking more exclusive network luxury gift package meet ideal not love Audi good thing festival # car buying time.Audi official flagship store exclusive goods enjoy non-stop.Pure electric Audi E-TRON unlimited brand, no fuel consumption, perfect choice hand in hand with manufacturer finance, 0 interest low monthly payment, let you buy a car without worry all the boutique 50% off the top, easily upgrade free evaluation, successful replacement, can enjoy up to 20,000 yuan of subsidies to buy Audi choose Hengxin enough!Old car replacement: All brands can be evaluated for free, new cars enjoy replacement subsidies!Into the store to inform the reception personnel by network sales consultants invited, there are gifts to send, more surprise preference we give you, interested friends can go to the store to consult and buy, network sales car hotline 0791-88379788 more car source, better price, better service, through the network inquiry customers have exclusive concessions!Address: No. 4288, Intersection of Gaoxin Avenue and Changnan Avenue, High-tech Zone, Nanchang, China