Olympic Short track speed skating relay where to watch live TV?Ren Ziwei goes for China’s first gold medal

2022-07-14 0 By

Today is the first official competition day of the Winter Olympic Games after the opening ceremony, I don’t know if you watched the opening ceremony live yesterday, although yesterday was the opening ceremony, but some of the events have already started a few days ago, in today’s short track speed skating relay, led by Ren Ziwei China is likely to win the first gold medal.At that time, we can simultaneously watch CCTV5 live at home for free. The TV can be installed using a USB disk. Please check the official website to download the installation package, so as not to watch the problem.If you watch it on your mobile phone, you can search for it in the mobile phone store.Specific schedule: February 5th 19:00 short track speed skating mixed team relay