Shaw zhan in a dilemma?6 days 10+ hot search, but not a good, but caused passers-by antipathy

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Years had passed but still atmosphere, on the first day to the people there are Chinese New Year atmosphere, at the same time, the whole nation is passion to participate in the meet the winter Olympics team, very lively, out basic are the games and the women’s soccer team won, but also has the part occupied by a entertainment stars, the battle to dominate, shaw six days 10 + hot search on line, it is a pity no one is good,All of the hot searches in the six days are based on two things. One is to send blessings. The studio keeps updating and sending pictures of Xiao Zhan wearing sweaters and holding various representative items.Happy New Year to you all the best to shaw war, fu lu long more than double to family happiness, joy peace, health in hand to eat and drink not sorrow, beaming and peace joy bonanza studio got her wish to send a series of pictures are included in the “daily see shaw war”, this is the place where special share shaw war everyday, also the equivalent of another secret garden, is a base of fans and shaw war communication,From daily see xiao, turning every day to see xiao, this shift makes them feel happy, after all, every day can see icon to send blessings to see, send blessings so cherish itself does not have any problem, just within the party, the influx just one day establish multiple topics, hot every day at least one search on the list, such as xiao held a persimmon,Shaw war prop is recorder in the New Year, xiao wing I wish you all a bonanza, so the audience some tired every day, so more and more negative reviews second, with the winter Olympics welt, shaw war has three associated with winter hot search, but burger out of each article is one of, in the winter Olympics opening ceremony the same day, CCTV news dispatch after preheating multiple star artist forward power ahead of schedule,Give the games athletes refueling, shaw war is among them, the most worrying thing happened, really let the winter Olympics and rice culture circle hook, “shaw war looking forward to the Olympic Games with China red” under the entry to enter after the violent wind hot search, eating melon the crowd began to question the war to buy hot search, shaw is, after all, one hundred artists to send blessings, it happened only he is high on the list,Also seems to only buy out this one, but it’s how excited fans not to heated topics, important moment believe what studio can also understand what hot search out not, obviously this is a little discretion and goose officer XuanXiao war to join the radio energy games season, shaw war with the games there is a lot of, have to participate in the program for its propaganda,Join radio is goose to be careful of the hot machine, small wishes, can also be round shaw war to witness the miracle happened, single see if no problem, but it’s really there is the problem of black because that group of large-scale network BaoXiao war netizen still exists, heard him to join radio direct drive “I am a ordinary people I hate war “shaw resisted, means increased;Only once again pull he visibly third, shaw is fighting games athletes and actor Su Yi photo, photo is shaw war taken when filming his royal highness, the Wolf, there was no water, and now because of its excellent Su Yi sound suddenly boarded out let people elusive and appeared a lot of discussion under the hot search, some netizens think style two blossom, China refueling;Some of them felt that Xiao Zhan was rubbing the heat of the championship, and sent out pictures of Xiao Zhan’s fans discussing the heating topic, thinking that he did not reply to others before, and now buy hot search so that you can see how much you want to rub;Some think shaw war there is no need to rub anyone out, his fire enough, don’t need to rub heat shiva said shiva, specific buy didn’t buy out we don’t do, but what is certain is that xiao war again being targeted, now in a dilemma, in the short term it is best not to climb out again, when the low profile or low profile, or you’ll, pound-foolish