Su Yiming, gold medal!Net friend: the best adult gift hand!

2022-07-14 0 By

In the Beijing Olympics snowboarding man big platform final Chinese player Su Yi sound play stunning gold medal as the winter sport in the history of the youngest gold medalist this is his second MEDALS in the Olympics after three days of February 18, is Su Yi wong’s 18th birthday not long ago, he said want adult gift is Beijing Olympics gold medal congratulations!The best adult gift ever!Happy birthday to Yiming Su in advance. On the first jump, Yiming Su scored 89.50 points with a high quality outside turn 1800+ catch tail.In the second jump, So scored 93.00 with a high quality inside turn of 1800+ front edge grab board.▷ So, who was so far ahead in points that he had already won the championship without having to jump the third jump, showed himself with the third jump.Since ancient times the hero out of the young!Su Yiming, the future can be expected!Source: News broadcast, today’s video comprehensive responsibility: Xu Ting editor: Wu Yuqi