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The city is exploring an indigenous “trumpet work method” to make grassroots governance more precise in a “microgrid” that produces qi at the local level.Every morning at 6:00 a.m., 1000 small speakers will be sounded in each micro-grid, and grid workers will go from street to street to shout, mobilizing the masses to complete nucleic acid testing and sampling on time.Time has come to a New Year, but the lingering epidemic is still a haze hanging over the world.How to improve the capacity of regular targeted prevention and control and local emergency response, and how to block the spread of the epidemic as quickly as possible?In the Beilun area, which faces successive “encounters”, we can see some effective experiences and explorations.Behind the speed of the epidemic prevention and control in Beilun, there are active “micro grids” in the front line of the village, playing a pivotal role in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.Grid leader Bei Jiulang delivered relevant supplies to the masses, promoting the “hard” epidemic prevention + “warm” service action.Even nearly a month later, Chen Na, a young communist party worker in Chengwan village of Daqi in Beilun district, still remembers an outbreak earlier this year.It is located in Daqi district, the industrial core of Beilun city, where there are more than 4,000 industrial enterprises producing die casting molds and new energy auto parts, and is known as the “town of Molds in China”.At the same time, in the 105 square kilometers area, there are 63,000 registered population and 154,000 floating population, and there are serious problems such as mixed villages, inverted migrant population and complicated population structure.In the face of the sudden outbreak, how to control the contact personnel?How to guarantee daily supplies?How to promote nucleic acid testing effectively?How to pacify the masses?For the grassroots party cadres directly facing the masses, they have no retreat, only efficient and orderly implementation, in order to and the secondary spread of the epidemic “race against time”.”It’s just too much work.There are 33 administrative villages and 14 communities in the whole street. Even if every social worker and village cadre has three heads and six heads, there are still problems such as not running fast enough and not working well.”The head of an industrial party working committee admitted that the epidemic was a great test of community-level governance and organizational capacity.Refine, refine, refine!Implementation, implementation, implementation!Pilot doors in epidemic prevention in the original located at jiufeng mountain area on the basis of “micro iron drum” grid, large Qi street built up as early as last year – area – village (social) – “street party + grid” four linkage disease resistant combat system, and on the basis of the original social governance grid subdivision out 272 “grid”, equipped with 1807 party members in the backbone, contact the total number of households 25381,The network of epidemic prevention and control was targeted.This time, the street continued to strengthen the “central” role of the comprehensive information command center according to the actual situation, and improve the five-level protection system of “street — village — grid — micro-grid — household”. According to the scale of 200 to 300 people, the whole region was divided into 1010 micro-grids, which connected 217,000 people. Each micro-grid adopted the “1+3+2” mode.That is to configure 1 micro-grid leader, 3 micro-grid members and 2 volunteers (among which the micro-grid leader party members account for more than 40%).Chen Na, a young party member, is the micro-grid leader of the second grid of Chengwan Village (new village group 3). In her micro-grid, the registered population is 182 people and 88 households.There are 16 floating population and 4 households.Considering the grid in the old man is more, the mobile phone operation is not familiar with, the household touch within the grid population base and at the same time, she set up a group of grid work, helping the elderly in the cloud on hospital pharmacy, to help the villagers use “little six shopping” procurement, quick summary of the villagers in the group put forward various demands, using the solitaire small program for the villagers with epidemic prevention material.In addition, Chen Na took the initiative to give full play to the advantages of dialect. She not only played the role of “little speaker” to publicize knowledge of epidemic prevention and evacuate people irregularly online, but also spoke the ningbo dialect version of rhymes offline, rolling publicity from village to household, making the epidemic prevention propaganda more accurate and in place.At this time, Lin Changjie, director of the Industry Committee of Yangguang Liting, a property-free community, also became a micro-grid member of Yanhe area and actively joined the nucleic acid testing site of the parking lot at the gate of Yangguang Liting to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.From 5 a.m. to 12 p.m., he can always be seen at the nucleic acid testing site to maintain order.”I have seen medical staff, public security police, social workers and volunteers working hard on the front line to protect the safety and health of the people. As a Party member, this is also my responsibility and obligation. I hope to contribute to the anti-epidemic work in my hometown.”He said.Big Qi street working committee director, said at first glance the grid becomes become dense, is actually a village at the grass-roots level to improve the efficiency and precision of the whole operation, in the “last mile” of the epidemic prevention and control, truly the instructions for the first time the party committees and governments in place, also let the masses of all kinds of emergency appeal was seen in the first place be heard, it may be said “standards”.Microgrid staff do a good job in the nucleic acid collection site personnel diversion work.”Mom, your eyes are as black as a giant panda!”Because the epidemic for ten days did not meet, woods for children’s first sight is her mother’s face haggard.As a member of the micro grid, Cao Hongyan, director of the Party and Mass Service Center of Hengyang Community, hurried to the community to stick to her post from the first day of receiving the notice from the superior.In the first few days of the outbreak, she and her colleagues were stationed in the community 24 hours a day, timely conveying the notice from their superiors and strictly implementing various tasks.Even responsible for the health of the party and the masses service center Yang Aunt looked distressed: “Xiao Cao is always the first to rush in front, carrying the heavy insulation box, a district to deliver the staff’s lunch.But I always see her eating last when I’m clearing the table! ‘Personnel arrangement, nucleic acid testing, order maintenance, service guarantee…In the face of the epidemic, every specific task requires strong support of human and material resources. If there is any omission, the consequences will be unimaginable.Basic level front line personnel is insufficient, the problem of lack of money rises to the surface subsequently.In this regard, according to the requirements of the core management and control work, the “micro grid” mode is rapidly promoted in the whole area of Beilun.On the basis of the original 672 implementation grids, Beilun subdivides 4,477 microgrids with 50 to 100 households. In administrative villages, the microgrids are divided by villagers’ groups or natural villages as basic units in principle.In urban communities, building blocks (corridors, floors) are divided into microgrids in principle.Commercial blocks, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings (large cultural and sports venues), etc., are separately set up according to actual personnel.Industrial communities can reasonably divide microgrids according to the number of enterprises, spatial layout and number of employees.Enterprises and individual businesses not located in industrial communities shall be integrated into micro-grid management by the sub-district Party Working Committee.At the district level, formulate “about establishing and perfecting the mechanism of epidemic prevention and control of micro grid work of the implementation of the plan” about further compaction compaction sealing centralization control area to prevent area micro grid epidemic prevention and control responsibility of notice and other documents, the distribution of micro grid epidemic prevention and control to understand a book, in strict accordance with the sealing centralization “, never leave home, service area closed the door “,Different epidemic prevention and control requirements of “strengthening social and meeting control and strictly restricting people’s gathering” in the control area are strictly prohibited. Specific guidance is given to the streets to set up micro grid, equip micro grid force, build organization and coordination system, and deploy prevention and control tasks.The prevention and control of the epidemic in the grid should be kept in mind and clear in mouth.Not only is there a more detailed grid, but it is also equipped with more power.Through the integration of resources, strong “1+3” micro-grid teams are deployed in all regions, namely, a micro-grid “epidemic prevention and control management and service team” with one micro-grid leader as the principal and more than three micro-grid members.At the same time, the different allocation of the “three districts” is highlighted. Each micro-grid of the enclosed control area and control area is equipped with 6-8 leading cadres of the district district management, cadres of the district organs, street cadres, cadres of the village community, public security policemen, villagers’ group leaders (villagers’ representatives) or corridor leaders and volunteers.In the prevention area and other areas, each micro-grid shall be equipped with 3 villagers’ group leaders or corridor leaders, party cadres and volunteers, and 19,670 working forces shall be integrated from all sides. 723 cadres of district direct organs shall be dispatched to the containment area alone.More abundant hands, more accurate objects, so that more warm service becomes possible.An emergency red-led hotline was set up to help doctors, eat and travel in xinqi streets, where the epidemic was most acute, and social forces were mobilized to work together to provide services.Dagang Industrial Community has launched the “Supply Chain Supermarket” version 3.0, which quickly measures the needs of enterprises through big data, integrates epidemic prevention resources efficiently and accurately, and implements orderly epidemic prevention for 100,000 employees of more than 500 enterprises through 10 microgrids.Send medical, send medicine, send food…Face jurisdiction elderly population, limited access, and so on and so forth, Guo Ju peak south street community party secretary Lin Haiyun strictly in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, 40 km to drive back and forth for skin cancer after chemotherapy s mother-in-law back home, thank you in the face of the history of her mother-in-law, he replied to the phrase: “don’t mention it. We are all cast.”A manual on microgrid epidemic prevention and control was produced to guide microgrid workers in their work.Grassroots governance is an important part of national governance, is the foundation of social smooth operation, construction and development, strengthening and innovation of grassroots social governance is an important proposition in the new era.Whether the modernization that realizes basic level society manages, concern the well-being of people masses, also testing the wisdom of basic level controller.Epidemic prevention and control is like a “big test” for the modernization of social governance system and capacity.In the face of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control measures taken by local government departments and their specific implementation are directly related to the effectiveness of local epidemic prevention and control, which shows that local governments at all levels are superior and inferior in terms of social governance capabilities and capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the modernization of public governance structure in a more timely manner.”Big foot + big data”, is beilun “micro grid” can be effective important foundation.”Ningbo beilun fully rely on grass-roots social service management information system”, set up the “grid report found, destabilizing shunt disposal, and to area center analysis” for plague event loop disposal process, primary stakeholders disease events reported to the disposal of transferred, secondary disposal transferred to wade disease events reported 6 hours, level 3 and above related disease events, implementing the intelligent analysis and label automationThe command platform will be reminded to handle all epidems-related incidents in a timely manner by automatically pushing the nail message once an hour to ensure that all epidems-related incidents are handled before 16:00 every day.At the same time, the local optimization of three panoramic monitor key areas, areas, streets, make full use of “understand” project “” wisdom overlooking a big Qi” video monitoring found that the problem, and point to point tracking supervision problem rectification, patrol point 19513 times, for sealing centralization control not to carry out the “never leave home” rules, personnel gathered, door control, flow management problems such as vendors, densely populated places,All 856 emergency supervision documents have been rectified.In the context of digital empowerment, flattened command systems and coordinated and efficient emergency management are also possible.Beilun beilun set on the “141” notice system of epidemic prevention and control work, we will accelerate the establishment of a “micro grid – grid – outbreak of village headquarters – the streets comprehensive information operations – area comprehensive command center: area epidemic prevention and control command” epidemic prevention and control and promotions command and flattening management system, from the normalized control can be turned to the state of emergency prevention and control of wartime battle,Build a micro-grid command system for epidemic prevention and control emergency response.In the face of various problems, the local “micro grid” corridor “micro grid” of the groups “micro grid enterprise” for the epidemic prevention and control unit, over social investigation to their hard control, irregularities, material for work and so on, the micro grid, the streets comprehensive information operations and public security, market supervision, comprehensive law enforcement, business departments such as joint formation,Timely information exchange, joint disposal, timely feedback, to ensure that the containment area control area prevention area “stop”, “static” down, “stable” down.At the beginning of the year, 850 small doors in 440 communities in Beilun district implemented epidemic prevention measures. Patrol forces in the “three districts” reached nearly 20,000 person-times, urging 713 people with more than three people outside to gather together. 51 cases of violating public security regulations during the epidemic were investigated, 106 people were punished, and 713 KTV, bars, foot baths and other industrial venues were closed down.We persuaded 812 business households to close down and 749 mobile street vendors to leave.At the same time, to the streets in the area as a unit set up 2992 micro power grid work group, the specific difficulties and problems of the masses, the micro grid can’t reply to solve the long, submitted to the village (community), such as emergency, major issues, the village (community) direct feedback to the district community control group consultation solution, implement “instruction has always been to the end, the closed loop control.”One learns from the epidemic.We should not only to the goal of being serviceable at both peacetime andwartime requirements, synergy mechanism linkage mechanism and management system, at the same time, according to the results of the reform of digital article grab a blanket, a filling, aiming at the problem of outbreak, and to solve and improve to ensure good head is better than in the critical moment, further enhance management system and management ability of modern society.”Beilun district political and legal committee said.(Beilun Publishing comprehensive editor, source: Ningbo Daily reporter Huang He, Beilun District Committee reporting Group Chen Minming, correspondent Gong Yiqun)