What does an electronics factory do?

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Although we are now more and more familiar with the situation of the factory, but for those who have just gone out to work, the word factory is still relatively strange, that factory/electronics factory is what?What about the salary?First of all, electronic factories are generally engaged in the production, processing and sales of electronic accessories, such as: mobile phones, computers, television and other electronic components of the production, assembly.Electronic factory basically is the work of assembly line, also have not the work of assembly line alone, there are fixed posts, the job is generally simpler, like locking screws, sticking tape, sticking labels, packaging, freight and so on.And many positions in the electronic factory, the largest number of factory workers, electronic factory workers, as the name implies, is the ordinary workers in the electronic factory.They mainly have basic skills and can be competent for the assembly line or simple operation of the ordinary workers in the electronics factory. Generally, the employees who do some positions with low technical requirements are generally working on the assembly line of the electronics factory, such as locking screws, pasting tape, labeling, packaging, freight, warehouse, outer packaging and so on.Generally, it is the day shift and night shift working system. It needs to work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, and the working hours are longer. Fortunately, the work content is relatively simple.So what do electronics factory general workers mainly do?The content of the work of general workers in electronic factory is different because of the different working procedures in the enterprise, and the content of the work is also different. It is generally in the assembly line to produce products. The difficulty of the work of ordinary workers in electronics is not high, which is the mechanical operation.The work is not tired, but the working hours are long, repeated operation, so it is easy to get tired.Because this kind of operators do not need to go through strict vocational training, employers in the recruitment, the requirements are not harsh, some of the employees are with relevant experience can, some after enterprise training can immediately on the post.Migrant workers are mainly employed in the traditional way, through the introduction of acquaintances, and fellow villagers or friends to work together.Photo credit: Photo net