Yao Liang: can rural house still invest?Here are 5 reasons you can’t miss that rural people must see

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Can rural houses still be invested? Happy New Year!Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. The whole family gets together and feels happy.Today, Brother Liang will give you a reminder: Brother Liang has been doing real estate for 15 years, after 4 rounds of ups and downs, can we invest in rural houses?This topic.In the view of brother Liang, try not to invest, there is no value, and the final round is not, the main reason for the following five points.1. The nature of rural land is collective land, “Civil Code” clearly stipulates that can not be bought and sold, unless the villagers transfer, exchange, other villagers, urban hukou is not allowed to buy and sell.2. Even if it is your own homestead, it is not worth investing in unless you can build it yourself.Liang Ge suggested: the investment for self-construction should not be too large, and it must be approved by relevant departments before construction.But investing in rural housing produces little or no output;Every year, more than 10 million rural residents work in cities. The population in rural areas is becoming smaller and smaller, and it will be even smaller in the future.Not many people. Who’s going to take over?Just like the house in Hegang county of Harbin, no one bought it for 25,000 yuan per set.Is there a net inflow of people in your village?4. Low occupancy rate, not many days a year?For rent.Usually can only be used to raise mice, investment in the house is a waste of money;5. It is difficult to get a house loan in the countryside, so it is difficult to turn capital into cash.The above five points are the true portrayal of Brother Liang who has been engaged in real estate for 15 years and some people around him invest in real estate in rural areas.A lot of people in order to hometown feelings, what tree high thousands of feet, fallen leaves return to the roots and other traditional ideas, resulting in heavy losses.A client of Liangge invested more than 3 million yuan to build a luxury villa in his rural hometown of 23 sanli, Yiwu more than 10 years ago, and then spent more than 1.5 million yuan on decoration, and invested nearly 5 million yuan in it.Usually no one lived, at first reluctant to rent, vacant for about six years, always feel that the house is empty, no one to live, no popularity.I asked Brother Liang to help rent the house. I brought many customers and was satisfied with the house, but it was too far away. It was not because of the rent.At the end of 2021, it was sold to a villager in this village for 838,000 yuan.If, more than 10 years ago 5 million buys a villa in yiwu city, now value 30 million left and right sides.Since it is an investment, it is necessary to have output, no income, investment failure.How much did you lose?You do the math for him.Therefore, Liang Ge does not recommend investing in property in the countryside.What do you think?Leave a comment in the comments section.Focus on Brother Liang, closer to the truth!Original author: Reproduction by Hu Yao, etc.2022.02.01