2-1 to 1-0!Argentina surge + close to the team record, Lionel Messi against the three main helpers, aiming for the World Cup

2022-07-15 0 By

The World Cup South American qualifying campaign is drawing to a close and Argentina are still in hot form.In this international week, Argentina’s biggest star Lionel Messi was not included in the national squad, but Lautaro and di Maria stepped up to play key roles in the attack to help the team to victory.Argentina’s 2-1, 1-0 victories over Chile and Colombia put the two teams in jeopardy.In the standings, Argentina are second behind Brazil on 35 points and have already qualified for the World Cup.This World Cup, Messi has a chance to realize his dream.At last year’s Copa America, Messi put in a world-class performance that led Argentina to victory over Brazil, breaking the spell of years without a World Cup.Messi also won his seventh Ballon d ‘Or, an achievement that will be hard to beat.For Messi, at club level, all the glory is in his hand;On the national team level, Messi is just one World Cup away.Now Argentina, with Scaroni as coach, are very cohesive, very united, and with the superstar Messi, they are competitive enough to challenge for the World Cup.In the last two World Cup qualifiers, Without Messi, Lautaro and di Maria have carried the team’s offensive output, allowing Argentina to enjoy a winning streak.Messi will no doubt be relieved that Argentina still has someone to carry the ball in the absence of its biggest star.Against Chile, Argentina scored two goals, angel di Maria scored a stunning strike and Lutaro showed his flair for the striker, scoring after his teammate’s shot was blocked, as Argentina beat Chile 2-1.Then, against Colombia, Lautaro exploded again, scoring the only goal of the game as Argentina won 1-0.I have to say, Lautaro is really good, scoring 7 goals in the top scorer list, one more than Messi.Argentina are now unbeaten in 29 consecutive games under Scaroni, two games shy of the team record.In addition, Argentina has played well defensively in this qualifying tournament, conceding just seven goals in 15 games.Goalkeeper Martinez has been particularly impressive, unbeaten in 16 appearances for Argentina so far and keeping 10 clean sheets.In the post-match press conference, Scaroni looked ahead to the Qatar World Cup, Argentina coach said, the squad, only one place is guaranteed, everyone knows who.It can be seen that in the Argentine team, Messi’s position is unshakable, he is the absolute core.So far, 15 of the 32 spots have been selected, including Argentina, Germany, Brazil, France and Spain.With Messi at the helm, Argentina will go on to win its third World Cup ever.The good news is that The Argentine team has Lautaro and di Maria in attack and Martinez in defense. With the help of three players, Messi has a good chance to lead the team to win in Qatar. Let’s witness together.